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Are you looking for a suitable invoice template for Excel or Word? We provide invoice templates for you to download, free of charge.

Many companies spend a large amount of time creating invoices. In particular, small business owners, start-ups and self-employed entrepreneurs, quickly run into trouble by sending out their invoices late, creating financial bottlenecks. It is certainly worthwhile to send invoices in a timely manner after services have been provided.

An invoice template can help you to create your invoices faster, and quickly send them out. Usually, the more tedious and time-consuming this process is, the more frequently the work is moved on to tomorrow, and in the worst case scenario, it is completely forgotten. Our invoice templates for Excel and Word will help you write your invoices faster. Do you send out many invoices, or you do you want to write and send out your invoices even more easily and quickly? Then we recommend, as an alternative to Excel or Word, test a software package like bexio.

Download the invoice template as an Excel or Word file for free

Does it make sense to use the software instead of Word or Excel templates?

If you spend a lot of time creating invoices, it could be worth your while to test an alternative software package to Excel or Word: With the right tool, writing invoices can be fun again, even after a long hard day!

Software like bexio can create invoices almost automatically, sent with a single click.  In your bexio account, everything is online. Simple, clear and automated.

Example of an invoice generated in bexio

This is how you edit the invoice template in bexio

Step 2: Insert your services

Insert your products or services quickly and easily from your product catalog. By the way: with bexio you can create client projects and log your working hours. The hours worked can be easily imported into your invoice. Hourly fees and the corresponding VAT are calculated automatically.


Send your invoices easily from your online bexio account, either as print-outs via the postal system, or via e-mail, as a PDF. With just a few clicks, you can even automate the postal process: Pinging our partner, will send them the signal to print and send your invoices for you, via the postal system.

All the benefits you get with bexio at a glance

Create invoices quickly with our template

Thanks to the default settings, and customizable templates, invoices just about write themselves.

Save time during payment matching

With bexio, you can set up your own ESR deposit slip and use it to make payments easily and quickly, which saves you valuable time. Would you like to make it even easier?   Connect your e-banking to bexio.

Customized template design

You can customize your invoice template as you prefer it. For example, add your logo, letterhead as well as fonts.

Automatic reminders

Get paid more quickly: improve your payment rate by sending automated reminders to customers with overdue accounts.

Lukas Schnurrenberger

«bexio makes it easy to keep an eye on the entire order process, from offers to orders to invoicing. That gives us resources we can invest in our core business.»

Lukas Schnurrenberger, AVP Media-Design GmbH

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