Free invoice template for Word and Excel

We offer a free invoice template for Word or Excel as a convenient download.

Looking for an invoice template? We have an invoice template for you for Word or Excel that you can download for free. Simply download and adapt to suit your needs!

By the way: with an invoice program like bexio, you can create invoices (almost) automatically! bexio users are paid 26% faster on average. Try it now for free or find out more.

Download our invoice templates for Word or Excel for free

Our invoice templates can be customized as desired and then filled out and printed or saved as a PDF. We will provide you with an example of an invoice for Excel and Word.


Generate invoices (almost) automatically!

Generate invoices (almost) automatically with bexio!

Invoice template for Word

Download our invoice template for Word now for free.

Invoice templates for Excel

Download our invoice template for Excel now for free.

Writing an invoice in Switzerland: mandatory information

In order for both you and the invoice recipient to be able to meet tax obligations, your invoices should meet certain formal requirements. According to the Swiss SME Portal, the following information must be included on invoices in Switzerland:

Bexio invoice sample numbered EN
Fig. This invoice was created in bexio.
  1. Invoice number
  2. Invoice date
  3. Delivery date or date of performance (if not identical to invoice date)
  4. Your address
  5. Address of the recipient
  6. Your VAT number
  7. Invoice amount (incl. VAT amount and rate)
  8. Description of the delivery or service

Other information:

  • If you are a small business with an annual turnover of less than CHF 100,000, you are generally not subject to VAT and do not have to show VAT or your VAT ID on your invoices.
  • In addition to the mandatory information, you should provide your payment information (e.g., account number or IBAN) as well as the payment term.

Invoicing tips

With the following tips, you can further optimise your invoicing and get paid faster:

  • The statutory payment term in Switzerland is 30 days. However, you can also define shorter payment terms on your invoices (such as 10 or 14 days) to improve your liquidity. Keep in mind that the payment term should also be realistic for your customers.
  • Don't wait too long to send your invoice. It is best to send invoices as soon as possible after you have provided the service.
  • If you issue invoices regularly, or issue a lot of them, it is worth switching to software because many processes can be automated, and errors can be avoided.
  • Discounts for early payments support good payment ethics and can encourage customers to pay invoices faster.
  • Send payment reminders if payment terms are not met. In bexio, payment reminders and dunning letters can be sent fully automatically once the payment term has expired.
  • Create your invoices with a QR payment section. QR invoices can be paid very easily and quickly by your customers – all they have to do is scan the QR code with their smartphone to transfer the payment information to their e-banking. In bexio, the QR payment section is automatically created with each invoice.

Should you use special software instead of Word or Excel templates?

If you spend a lot of time creating invoices, it may be worthwhile to try out specialized invoicing software as an alternative to using Excel or Word: With the right tool, you can have fun drafting invoices, even after a long and tiring day of work!

With bexio, you can generate, fill out, and then send out your invoices almost automatically, with just one click. Do everything online in your bexio account. It is simple, clear, and automated.

TasksWith Word/Excel templatesWith bexio
Generate the invoice
  • Type/copy: Address data
  • Type/copy: Product items
  • Type/copy: Invoice number
  • Manually calculate the total amount due and VAT
  • Import: Address data
  • Import: Product items
  • Automatically generate: Invoice number
  • Automatically generate the total amount due and VAT
File the invoiceManualAutomatic

Post the invoice


Check for receipt of payment

Send a payment reminder notice when requiredManualAutomatic

You can create an invoice in bexio in just a few steps

1. Customize template

With just a few simple clicks, you can adapt your invoice template to suit your needs: Change the layout and design and add your own logo and stationery.

2. Customer information

Never have to type in address details again! With bexio, you can import customer data into your invoice with just one click from the integrated contact management.

3. Add services

You can quickly and easily import the products or services that you need to bill into your invoice from the integrated product catalog or project.

4. Send invoice

Send your invoice in hard copy by the mail or as a PDF by e-mail. It is very easy to do online using your bexio account.

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