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Your benefits


Filter contacts according to your needs and classify them by business segments, languages or freely selectable groups.

Status overview

Attach notes and contracts to each contact to have all the information for each contact at your fingertips.


Existing contacts can be easily imported and exported into the CRM.


You can manage your contacts online at any time via the cloud.

Managing your contacts with bexio

Software for managing your contacts and customers is essential to growing your business. With bexio, you can do this easily and professionally at the same time. Discover the practical and useful features that make your everyday tasks easier.

Customize contacts

Whatever your individual needs - you can customize the contact management feature to suit them.

  • Store individual categories and define internal contact persons for each contact.
  • Categorize contacts in industries, languages and freely selectable groups such as “regular customers”.
  • Display lists using your own filters (e.g. categories, contact persons).

Always shows the latest status

Keep track of all your contacts, suppliers and partners.

  • For each contact, you can view all projects, offers, invoices, credit notes, outstanding payments, etc.
  • Stored information is used automatically in the sales process (e.g. e-mail, addresses, language).
  • Add contracts and conversation notes directly to contacts.

Simple and efficient

It lets you work simply, saving time and using efficient processes.

  • Existing contacts can be easily imported from Excel and exported again.
  • Stored information is used automatically in the sales process (e.g. e-mail, addresses, language).
  • Save documents such as contracts with your contacts and insert reminders - so you don't overlook anything when making a sale.
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Flexibly manage contacts

With bexio, you are flexible and don’t need to have a fixed workplace.

  • You can manage your contacts online at any time via the cloud.
  • Anywhere, anytime, the bexio Go mobile app puts you in touch.

FAQ: Questions and answers about contact management

What are the benefits of managing contacts with CRM software like bexio?

The right Customer Relationship Management software means greater success for your business. bexio is perfectly tailored to the needs of small businesses in Switzerland. It provides more transparency within your company and stronger customer relationships. Learn more.

Is bexio and the contact management feature compatible with my Mac?

No problem. You can handle your accounting easily and automatically with your Mac. You access the accounting program simply from your browser, so it works on all Apple devices. Learn more.

Can I use the contact management feature with the bexio Go app on my Android smartphone?

Yes, of course. With the mobile app on your smartphone, you can easily use the contact management system even when traveling . You can find bexio Go in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Learn more.

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