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Why bexio?

What added value does bexio offer? We asked our customers to find out. 40'000 customers can't be wrong. Below are the results of our survey. bexio customers save an average of almost CHF 6'000 every year!

Fbm schneller bezahlt EN

Why wait any longer?

bexio users get their invoices paid 26% faster on average.

Fbm weniger aufwand EN

Goodbye time-wasting!

bexio reduces administrative cost and effort by an average of 38%.

Fbm auftragsabwicklung EN

Business software that takes you straight to the pole position

Companies that use bexio accelerate their order processing by 39%.

Fbm buchhaltung EN

More time to do what you really enjoy

bexio customers perform their accounting tasks 44% faster.

Fbm treuhaender EN

Feed your piggy bank

bexio clients reduce the fees they pay to accountants by 33% per year.

Fbm banking EN

Brave new automated world

Thanks to the interfaces to various banks, bexio customers save 2,4 hours of typing time every week.

Fbm erfolgreichere kmu EN

SMEs riding on a wave of success

2 out of 3 bexio customers have been more successful since they started working with bexio.

This data comes from a survey conducted by bexio from December 2020 to January 2021 among around 30'000 existing customers.