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your work hours

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Looking for a template to record your working hours? We are offering our Excel timesheet as a free download.

Companies in Switzerland are obliged to keep records of the working hours of their employees. These records must be easy to understand and show the number of hours worked (daily and weekly), the beginning and end of working hours, breaks, compensated hours and overtime. Companies must also retain the records of employee working hours for a period of five years.

For more details on reporting working hours, please refer to Article 73 of the Swiss Employment Act.

There are no regulations concerning the method used to record working hours. The most common ways of recording working hours are:

SMEs in particular often rely on employees entering their working hours in tried-and-tested timesheets or simple Excel templates, but investing in time tracking software may be worthwhile, especially for service providers. Read more here.

Download your free timesheet for Excel

How to use our Excel template:

  1. The template contains one spreadsheet per month (January to December).
  2. In the header, enter the name of the employee, employment level (e.g. 50%) and the number of work hours per day. A formula also allows you to calculate the initial and remaining numbers of hours of holiday entitlement.
  3. Every day, your employees are required to enter to the start («Arrival») and end («Departure») of their working hours and the length of their breaks. Their work time is calculated automatically in hours and minutes on the basis of the times that they have entered.
  4. Absences due to illness, holidays or public holidays should be entered in the appropriate columns.

If necessary, you can adapt the template to suit your specific needs.

When does time tracking software become a better option than using Excel?

Many SMEs still prefer to perform administrative tasks and record working hours with Excel and Word. Excel and Word have proved their worth over the years, and provide a perfectly functional method; but nowadays, there are newer and better solutions that simplify, link and even automate administrative processes. This is of particular benefit to SMEs, since the right software saves not only a great deal of time but also money.

bexio is cloud-based business software that not only allows you to handle your accounting online, but also to perform other tasks such as recording working hours and managing projects. bexio is intuitive and easy to use. With bexio, there’s no need to download or install any software. Simply log in with your browser to access all the features of bexio.

There are many reasons to use bexio rather than Excel to record working hours:

  • Efficiency: Recording working hours with bexio is more efficient. You can record working hours with the built-in timer or enter them manually - all very simply in your bexio account and from any browser.
  • Working hours can be calculated simply and automatically with the integrated timer, which also minimises the risk of errors.
  • Simple billing of work hours: bexio will not only help you to manage your projects and work hours, it will also create invoices for them to charge your customers: just a few clicks will import the recorded working hours into the integrated invoice template.
  • Clear layout: Create projects (e.g. per customer) and structure them clearly with milestones. Assign specific employees to projects and milestones, and define individual hourly rates as required. With bexio, you will always know how much time has been spent on which tasks, per customer and per employee.
  • A flexible solution - even when you’re on the road: You can access bexio anywhere, regardless of whether you’re using a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet - even on the road. All you need is an internet connection and a browser to access your bexio account and manage your projects and working hours.

Record your working hours with bexio - simply, automatically and with ease.

Intuitive project management

Manage your projects, milestones and tasks and assign them to your employees. Working hours can be assigned directly to specific projects.

Create invoices

Record working hours with bexio and charge them to customers with just a few clicks! Simply import the recorded hours into the built-in invoice template and select the recipient from the address book.

Individual hourly rates

bexio allows you to determine individual hourly rates for your projects and employees, thus providing you with a constant overview of the cost of projects and the time worked on them by your employees.

Simple time tracking

Recording working hours with bexio is simple, intuitive and efficient. Record your working hours with the built-in timer or enter them manually.

Testimonial nuun GmbH

bexio helps us to quickly enter our time worked and efficiently invoice even small amounts. That simplifies our day-to-day work in the office quite a bit. »

Sam Müller, nuun GmbH