Free Excel timesheet for tracking worked hours

Time tracking made easy. Benefit from our free Excel template for tracking your time.

Are you looking for an excel timesheet to track your working hours? You can download our Excel timesheet for 2024 free of charge.

As a business owner in Switzerland, you are obliged to track the worked hours of your employees. It is all the more important that you are able to track these times simply, quickly and, above all, reliably. With our free timesheet, you can take advantage of the most accurate Excel formula for tracking worked hours in 2024 and thus have ideal documentation of the hours worked by your employees.

Download our free timesheet for Excel

You can customize our free template for tracking worked hours to your heart's content, adapt it to your needs and, if necessary, print it out.

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Excel timesheet for tracking worked hours

Download our free template for tracking worked hours now.

How to track your time with our Excel template

  1. The template includes one spreadsheet per month (January to December).
  2. Enter the name of the employee, the FTE status (e.g. 50%), and the number of hours worked per day in the header. You can also use a formula to calculate the employee's initial and remaining vacation entitlement in hours.
  3. Each work day, employees enter the start of their worked hours ("in"), the end of their worked hours ("out"), and the duration of their breaks. Based on the entered times, the worked hours are automatically calculated in hours and minutes.
  4. In the event of illness, vacation, or public holidays, enter the worked hours in the respective column.

You can find all the legal regulations governing the tracking of worked time on the SECO website.

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Should you use special software instead of an Excel template?

There are no regulations governing the method used to track worked hours. Common options for tracking hours are clocking-in machines, time tracking software, mobile apps, or Excel. SMEs in particular often rely on the tried and tested timesheet or a simple Excel template for keeping track of worked hours. Employees use the spreadsheet to enter their worked hours.

However, if you find that it is taking too much time to track hours using Excel or that you are not doing so accurately, it can be worthwhile to try out specialized software as an alternative to Excel: With the right tool, you can track time quickly and efficiently, saving you and your employees valuable time.

TasksWith Word/Excel templatesWith bexio
Tracking timeManual: Start and end times must be entered in detail
  • Tracked automatically using a stop watch

  • Start and end times are entered manually in software

Calculating the number of hours

Manual: Error-prone due to possible formula or typing errors

Automatic: Hours are automatically calculated correctly

Billing worked hours

Manual: Copying worked hours into the invoice

Automatic: Importing worked hours into the integrated invoice template with the click of a mouse

Allocating hours to projects

Manual: Copying hours to projects

Automatic: bexio automatically allocates the worked hours to the defined project.

Tracking time on the road

No: Not possible or very cumbersome, especially on mobile devices

Yes: Track time anytime and anywhere thanks to web-based software and mobile app

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