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With bexio, your accounting virtually takes care of itself.


Once set up, your accounting always keeps on running in the background.

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If you have any questions, our support is there to help you.

Accounting with bexio

Complete your VAT statement and annual financial statements in just a few clicks. With bexio, you can do this easily and professionally at the same time. Discover the practical and useful features that make your everyday tasks easier.

More time for what really counts

With bexio, your accounting virtually takes care of itself – leaving you more time for your business and things you love doing.

  • Outgoing and incoming invoices are automatically posted with the stored accounting ledgers and VAT rates.
  • Extraordinary items can be posted manually quickly and easily.
  • Payments are automatically reconciled in bexio banking – eliminating manual effort for you and thus sources of error.

Reliable and practical

Reliable and equipped with all the bookkeeping features you need.

  • Once set up, the bexio accounting stays running in the background.
  • bexio already includes standard charts of accounts and VAT rates that you can tailor and expand to meet your individual needs.
  • bexio supports the most common VAT methods.

Close collaboration with your fiduciary

bexio is perfect for working with your fiduciary - and let them advise you even more efficiently.

  • Give your fiduciary access to your bexio account for free: Your fiduciary can support you, track your business development in real time and thus advise you even better and more sustainably.
  • VAT accounting and reports are also available for your fiduciary.
  • Year-end closing made easy, as all data is already in your bexio account. Still looking for a fiduciary? bexio works with 1'300 certified fiduciary partners.
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Our support is there for you

With bexio you can rely on software that makes your accounting easier - should you have any questions, our support is there for you.

  • Whether from the comfort of your home or from your office you can reach us 24/7.
  • Our onboarding wizard will guide you through the process of setting up your accounting.
  • We offer affordable setup services to ensure that banking and accounting are set up correctly. Our team will be happy to advise you - just open a free trial account.

FAQ: Questions and answers about accounting

What does accounting involve?

When you do your accounts, the first step is to organize your receipts. The motto is: no booking without a receipt. The next step is to post the input tax and sales tax as well as the tax on the company's profit. Asset management and inventory are just as much a part of this as cost and performance accounting.

What types of accounting are there?

In addition to comprehensive accounting, there is, for example, payroll accounting, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Also included is single-entry bookkeeping and double-entry bookkeeping.

Is it possible to work with foreign currency in bexio?

Yes. Both foreign currency and exchange rate can be entered. The reports account sheets show the foreign currency with a final balance in each case. Realized exchange rate gains and losses are correctly recorded directly at the time of payment. Unrealized exchange rate gains and losses must be posted manually. Entering base currency bookings on banks in foreign currency is allowed. Therefore, it is important to make the booking correctly and not to forget the foreign currency. If the bank account is connected via banking, it is automatically booked correctly in the respective foreign currency. Once the monthly average rate has been activated, the exchange rates will be automatically stored and adjusted every month.

You can find more information in our support article.

How do I handle income and expenses?

Companies in Switzerland can do their accounting optionally in one of two ways: single-entry bookkeeping, which is equivalent to income-expense accounting and where each income/expense only needs to be entered once, and double-entry accounting.

How are income statement or balance sheet reports created?

In bexio, you can display your balance sheet and income statement with a comparison to the previous year in the form of reports and also print them out. If you want to customize your chart of accounts, you can find more about this under Manage account groups and chart of accounts. You can find more information in our support article.

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