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Accounting made easy

More than 40'000 SMEs, startups and sole proprietors trust bexio's accounting. Try it yourself for 30 days at no cost or obligation:

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bexio allows you to manage your bookkeeping without hassle. Ideal for small businesses, self-employed persons and startups.

Keep your books, while maintaining a complete overview

You always know your company's financial condition by getting graphs and reports like sales statistics and income statements.

Banking and electronic service requests (ESR) save time

Arrange your ESR deposit slips in bexio and quickly reconcile payments. By utilizing the banking functions, you will get your bookkeeping under control.

Automatic journalizing

With bexio, your revenue and expenses are under control at all times. The automated booking and journal entries take care of your bookkeeping, almost all by themselves.

VAT settlement in accordance with the SFTA

bexio offers VAT invoicing. The form in bexio is automatically displayed in such a way that it corresponds to the accounting form of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA).


Lukas Schnurrenberger

AVP Media-Design GmbH

«bexio makes it easy to keep an eye on the entire order process, from offers to orders to invoicing. That gives us resources we can invest in our core business. »


Matthias König

Wood Room GmbH

«I can focus all of my efforts on my work and my clients. bexio helps me stay on top of the administrative side of business. »

Mazze Portrait2

Matthias Walti

«I'm not only impressed by bexio's design and features, but also the extremely good value it offers for the money. Plus I can access all of the data easily from home, too. »

Why accounting with bexio?

Accounting not only provides the basis for your tax return but more important, it informs you on the success of your undertaking. With proper accounting, you always have your financial condition in plain view: you know how much money is available to you, how much you owe, and how much profit or loss your firm is making. In a nutshell, you always know how well your business is doing!

The right tool for your accounting

bexio supports and simplifies your bookkeeping for you. In so doing, bexio gives you not just an overview of your finances, it saves you time and energy that you can in turn invest appropriately back into your core business. bexio customers accomplish their bookkeeping 39% faster and save an average of 3.1 hours in officework every week!

bexio can do more

Most conventional accounting programs support only bookkeeping. While some providers offer additional functions for order management, these are often limited and not fully integrated into the bookkeeping.

bexio, on the other hand, links all processes, that are relevant to your accounting. As a result, numerous work steps can be quite simply automated. Complete order management, customer management and more are integrated with the accounting!

Setting up your accounting -- see how easy it is!

Your bookkeeping is ready to go in just a few steps: bexio software works in the Cloud. You don't have to download or install a thing. And the setting up? That's something you can do in just a few simple steps that won't take more than a few minutes:


1. Fiduciary (optional)

After you have registered for bexio, you can optionally invite your fiduciary* to work together with you on your account. With bexio, working together with your ficuciary is simple and efficient - that not only saves time, but money as well.

2. Chart of accounts

Shortly after registering, you will be asked for the legal structure of your company. Depending on your answer, bexio will quite simply create a standard chart of accounts automatically, so that it is immediately available to you. The chart of accounts can, of course, be adapted to your requirements.

3. VAT information

bexio already includes a choice of value-added tax (VAT) rates so that you don't have to worry about it. If you need additional tax rates, you can of course account for these yourself at any time. Just choose the VAT taxation method - almost done!

4. Opening entry

In the final step, you begin your bookkeeping with the opening entry, so that your figures from last year are taken over by the balance sheet into the current year. Your bookkeeping with bexio is already in place!

In addition: after you have registered for bexio, our setup wizard will guide you step-by-step through the setup of your accounting, so that you are ready to start in the shortest period of time!

*You don't have a fiduciary yet? Simply stop by our directory of fiduciaries! In our directory, you will find over 400 certified fiduciaries that swear by bexio and are well versed in our software.

Perfect for SMEs and startups in Switzerland

✓ An uncluttered journal

✓ Online storage of all receipts

✓ Receipt scanner

✓ Automated posting of invoices

✓ VAT settlement

✓ Balance sheet and income statement

✓ Transmission of accounts payable to eBanking

✓ Reconciliation with your eBanking

✓ Payroll accounting

✓ Pay slip incl. wage statement

✓ Effective or bottom line tax rate method

✓ Appropriated or agreed remuneration

✓ VAT-display in accordance with SFTA form

✓ Automatic calculation of the VAT owed

✓ Automatic data exchange with UBS

✓ Interface to the eBanking of all large Swiss banks

So that accounting finally becomes an afterthought

  • Bookkeeping simplified: regardless of whether it's simple or double-entry bookkeeping. With bexio you are doing your bookkeeping simply, safely and automatically. bexio customers finish their bookkeeping 39% faster!
  • Bookkeeping automated: Write bills, send them and have them automatically posted? With bexio, that's no problem! Reconcile your eBanking with your bookkeeping? Thanks to our eBanking interface, it is possible to do it with just a few clicks right in your bexio account. With bexio, you can accomplish quickly and easily what would otherwise take several individual programs or would have to be done laboriously by hand.
  • Order management is completely integrated into the bookkeeping: Create professional orders, offers and invoices, for example, with just a few clicks, thanks to adaptable templates. Send these either by e-mail or arrange for these to be sent by surface mail with the pingen add-on - all comfortably from your bexio account.
  • Interface to eBanking: Thanks to the eBanking-interface to all large Swiss banks, you know immediately which bills have been paid and which are still open - as a result, the time-consuming manual comparison between your eBanking and your bookkeeping is no longer necessary. You can even pay and post deposits directly in your bexio account!
  • All your receipts in one online repository where they can all be seen: Upload your receipts with just one click on the corresponding bookings. With the bexioGo mobile app you can even quite simply scan your paper receipts with your smartphone and upload them; it doesn't matter whether you are at home, in your office or on the road.
  • Always the right contact at hand: With bexio, you not only have your bookkeeping and your order management under control but your customer management as well. Import your contacts into your bexio account quickly and easily with our Excel template, or from Your contacts will also be linked to all the relevant bexio processes.
  • Free and regular updates: ideal for SMEs, who don't want to have to worry about changes in laws and software updates. bexio takes care of regular updates so you don't have to. The updates get installed quite simply overnight so that you have access to your account as usual in the morning and you ill always be working with the latest version.
  • Free and regular backups: Do you carry out regular backups of your data so that these are protected from loss? Starting now, we will worry about that - free, automatically and regularly in certified Swiss data centers.
  • The bexio support team is there for you: If you should at some point need help or have wishes, suggestions or questions, our friendly and competent support team is available free-of-charge - via chat, phone or e-mail.
  • Award-winning software: bexio has won several awards. One of them named bexio Switzerland's best software startup in 2017.
  • bexio is ready-to-go in just a few minutes: No download, no installation. bexio is Software as a Service and therefore compatible with all devices, regardless of whether it's a PC, Mac, Linux or tablet. In order to be able to use bexio, all you need is an internet connection. You can even use any browser to access your bexio account and take care of your bookkeepting. Give it a try!

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