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On 30 June 2020, the QR invoice with payment part was launched in Switzerland. QR invoices will replace today's standard orange and red payment slips. All the most important information about the «new payment slip» at a glance.

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Matthias statement

Update 28/10/2020: «QR invoices were introduced throughout Switzerland on the 30th of June, so it's time to take a look at how things are going. So far, the new, modern and easy QR invoice system has been well received and many customers are happy about the reduction in time and effort. The most highly appreciated advantage is how quick and easy it is to set up. No cumbersome log-in procedure, as was the case with the ISR system. However, it is also clear that a nationwide migration such as this takes time, and that there is still room for improvement here and there.»

– Matthias Paulus, Product Owner and QR invoice expert at bexio

QR invoices at a glance

QR invoices consist of the invoice and a payment part. The payment part contains the QR code (Swiss QR codes have a Swiss cross in the middle), and can be printed on the invoice itself or enclosed with it.

The QR code contains all the necessary payment information and can be read with a smartphone or a QR code reader. However, payments can still be made manually: All the relevant information such as the account number and amount are also shown as text on the payment part.

Example invoice bexio EN

How to create a QR invoice in bexio

A software solution like bexio makes it especially easy to create QR invoices. bexio allows you to create invoices (almost) automatically – and from 30 June 2020, also with a QR code.

  • Creating a QR invoice: Thanks to bexio's professional templates and data import feature, you can create invoices with just a few clicks. Simply select your bank details to generate payment parts with a QR code and show the code on invoices.
  • Sending a QR invoice: QR invoices can be sent by e-mail from your bexio account, or printed out and sent by post. The new QR invoices are very practical, since they do not require pre-printed forms and the QR code can be printed on perforated white paper with a normal printer. The code can be printed directly on the invoice or enclosed separately.
  • Get paid faster: The QR code will enable recipients to pay your invoices faster and more easily – with a smartphone, for example. Another advantage is that since the data is transferred automatically, there is no risk of typos.

bexio allows you to generate QR invoices quickly and easily

  • Paying bills just got even easier: You can still pay your bills with online banking, but now you can simply scan the QR Code with your smartphone or a QR reader.
  • Process invoices faster: Put an end to tedious typing: Invoice details such as the invoice and VAT numbers are automatically retrieved from the QR code and transferred directly to your online banking system. This doesn't just save time and effort, it also minimises the risk of errors.
  • Automated reconciliation of payments: If you enter an invoice manually in bexio in advance, the payment will be reconciled automatically between bexio and your online bank account as soon as it has been paid online.

Special Case UBS:

UBS currently recommends the use of payment slips with reference numbers (ESR). If you still want to work with the QR invoice, we recommend deactivating the automatic connection in bexio. Learn more in our support article.

Special Case Raiffeisenbank:

We strongly urge Raiffeisenbank customers not to make any changes to the QR invoicing yet. In the meantime, please continue to use the orange payment slip. If you’d like to work with the QR invoicing anyway, we recommend deactivating the automatic connection in bexio. Read more on this topic in our support article.


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