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The bexio timeline

We work hard every day to make life easier for you as clients and fiduciaries. Here are some of the biggest updates which we have already rolled out for you.

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The latest innovations at a glance

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bexio continues its steep growth curve: 70,000 paying customers rely on the Swiss business software

The success story continues: after it was announced in March 2023 that 60,000 self-employed people, small businesses and start-ups rely on the Swiss business software, the growth continued. Just eight months later, 70,000 paying customers were reached. In addition, there are around 6,500 fiduciary partners.


Didier Müller becomes CFO at bexio

Change in the management team at bexio: Didier Müller becomes the new CFO. He joins the business software provider with over 65,000 customers after around three years at ifolor.

Didier Müller (49) will take over the position of CFO (Chief Financial Officer) at bexio on November 1, 2023, succeeding Christopher Jarke. Müller previously spent around three years as CFO of Ifolor AG and seven years as CFO of a financial services provider.


Using artificial intelligence for clever document read-out

Numerous optimizations have been driven forward and implemented in recent months. This includes intelligent receipt reading in the purchasing area: bexio previously made it possible to automatically read QR invoices and create supplier invoices with the correct content. This function has now been supplemented by «Scan2Go»: from now on, users can not only scan receipts and vouchers without a QR code, but also process them automatically using AI-controlled reading (AI = artificial intelligence) – quickly and efficiently via the «bexio Go» mobile app.


Growth continues: 60,000 paying customers rely on Swiss business software bexio

Just last year, SaaS company bexio expanded its position as one of the market leaders in business software by reaching 50,000 customers. Just eight months later, another milestone has been reached: 60,000 self-employed people, small businesses and startups rely on the Swiss business software. In addition, there are around 1,300 certified fiduciary partners.

Modernizing the software is one of the top priorities. Thus, numerous optimizations have been advanced and implemented within the last few months. This is already paying off: «Our customers see the progress and know that we are working hard to make our business software a little better for our customers every day,» says bexio CEO Markus Naef.



The new contact list – even better, even more individualized

Good news for all bexio customers and those who want to become one: We have optimized the contact list! Don't worry, it still does what it should after the technological modernization: it displays an overview of your contacts and helps you manage them.

However, we have taken the opportunity to make improvements to make your work even easier and more intuitive: now customize your contact list view according to your own needs. All column settings are saved individually for each user and are preserved when you open the contact list again.


QR-invoice and bLink

The nationwide introduction of QR-invoice is in full swing. On September 30, 2022, the last payments based on payment slips will be executed. Therefore, all invoices must be sent before the payment deadline. Activate QR Invoice now. As a bexio customer, it’s easy: you can set up QR Invoice with just a few clicks in the banking area.

By the way: bexio is now also connected to bLink. This will enable us to offer you fast, uncomplicated and stable connections to participating banks in the future.


Strong growth: over 50,000 paying customers rely on bexio as one of the market leaders

Over 50,000 self-employed people, small businesses and startups rely on the Swiss business software bexio. In addition to the 50,000 paying customers, there are over 1,000 certified fiduciary partners.

«The healthy growth of our customer base reflects the still high demand for a web-based cloud solution that allows people to work independently,» said bexio CEO Markus Naef. In recent years, the relationship to work has often changed - the need to work flexibly has continued to grow. Naef confirms: «We clearly feel this demand and therefore we keep working on making our business software even better and more comprehensive for our customers.»


Questions & Answers

What moves our customers? As part of our regular survey of the NPS (Net Promoter Score – a key figure that provides information about the satisfaction of our customers), we have taken a critical look at your questions and now provide you with answers here.


Product News from our CPO – Part II

What has happened in terms of product development? Our CPO Matthias Zürrer takes a look behind the scenes with you: Find out in the second part of our update series.


Optimized accounts payable process for fiduciaries and customers

Enter, post and pay for receipts and expenses much more easily and quickly – on just one page and in less than 1 minute. The new Purchase module will be rolled out step by step: It is available immediately in all newly created bexio accounts – and at a later date in existing ones as well. Take a first look at the new purchasing module in our demo access.


bexio Commerce – Increase your sales with your own online shop

Create your own webshop in minutes. We make it easy to sell your products online – with everything a Swiss online shop needs to be successful. Ideal for those who want to sell more.



Product News from our CPO – Part I

You always wanted to take a look behind the scenes of product development? Our CPO Matthias Zürrer got interesting insights for you: What has been worked on in the last few months to make bexio software even better for our customers? What are we adjusting in order to be able to offer our customers simplified processes and improved functions? Find out more and read the first part of our update series.



New Balance Sheet & Income Statement Reports

More flexibility and more precise analyses. The new filters ensure that the year-on-year comparison is easier to manage. For example, new options include quarterly comparisons. Also, the PDF documents are more clearly-structured with optimized print formatting. The new PDF files are clearer, require less space and filters are applied automatically.


New Chart of Accounts

Now you can create and edit accounts and account groups in the chart of accounts much faster. Simplified templates in the new accounting on-boarding, mean less adjustments need to be made to the chart of accounts. Importing chart of accounts templates from Excel allows much faster setup for pros. In addition, the new chart of accounts allows for a more transparent and simpler linking of your banking and accounting (bookkeeping) account.


The QR invoice is here: Activate now!

bexio customers are ready! Since the end of June, all bexio customers are able to process QR invoices. Activate the QR invoice in your bexio account now.


Optimized e-mail dispatch from bexio

One of the most requested ideas from our customers: Optimized e-mail dispatch from bexio by sending documents as PDF attachments.


bexio Go: Your bexio app for when you travel – Now and in the future

After releasing and enhancing the bexio Contacts app in 2019, we have now merged the previous Scanner and Contacts mobile apps into one, and added a new interface to allow us to add future functions quickly and easily. With bexio Go you can scan documents, upload files and manage contacts – more functions will follow.


TWINT, credit card and other payment options

In addition to Visa and Mastercard payments, payment with TWINT is now possible – ensuring that your invoices are paid faster and more securely.



Expand bexio – now also available for fiduciaries: Marketplace for fiduciaries

We want to make bexio even better for fiduciaries. In addition to working on accounting or the fiduciaries payable process, fiduciaries can now expand bexio’s features. Discover the various applications in the Marketplace for fiduciaries that, for example, simplify entries in the commercial register and simplify online time recording.


Interfaces to BCV, St. Galler Kantonalbank and Valiant Bank

Following the e-banking interfaces to the St. Galler Kantonalbank and the Valiant bank in summer 2018, an interface to BCV (Banque Cantonale Vaudoise) is now also available. Expensive imports and exports of electronic account statements are now a thing of the past.


bexio Contacts App: Call, search or edit customers while on the move

Following the release of the first basic version of the bexio Contacts App at the beginning of 2019, we have expanded the mobile app as a result of your feedback. Now, you can not only call and search for your bexio contacts while on the move, but you can also edit and create new customers – directly on your smartphone.


Revised account ledgers

The revised account ledgers are clearer and offer better filtering and exporting options.


New product import feature

The new product import significantly simplifies the maintenance of the product catalogue.



Migration of all payments via banking interfaces to new ISO standard

In close cooperation with our banking partners, we are now in the transition phase of the last banking interfaces to the new ISO 20022 payment standard. By the end of June at the latest, all payments via bexio banking will only be carried out in the new file formats, and this will also apply to salary payments.


Enter automated wages using financial accounting

Thanks to the integration of payroll accounting, you can not only transfer wage payments directly from bexio but also enter wages automatically using bexio financial accounting. Manual effort is eliminated.


Partnership with the «Institut für Jungunternehmen»: Free of charge seminar offer is extended

We are proud of our close cooperation with our new partner: Alongside Swiss Life, UBS, Swisscom, Treuhand|Suisse, Credit Suisse and others, bexio is partnering with the IFJ – the «Institut für Jungunternehmen». Thanks to this cooperation, start-ups can benefit from broad support in company foundation and bexio customers benefit from a wide range of free seminars on relevant topics such as accounting.


Data export for analysis of sales activities

We want to enable you to produce a better analysis of your sales. You can quickly get an overview on top products, top customers and your sales performance: Download the raw data as Excel and process it further for a deeper analysis.



Repeat award as the best software start-up in Switzerland

Following success in 2016, bexio was once again voted in 2017 as the best Swiss software start-up by the jury of the “Top 100 Start-up Awards”.


The bexio platform is growing: already the 10th add-on with Advanon

With Advanon, you can pre-finance issued invoices directly from bexio thereby improving your liquidity. With this tenth add-on, bexio is already flexibly expandable. And more add-ons will follow.


Synchronize your banking transactions with one of the 5 largest Swiss banks

With the new interface to Credit Suisse, bexio now offers interfaces to the five largest Swiss banks: Credit Suisse, PostFinance, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Raiffeisen and UBS. Further financial institutions will follow.


More flexibility for fiduciaries

A dedicated solution for fiduciary partners: Especially for customers whose focus is exclusively on payroll or financial accounting managed by the bexio fiduciary.


Automatic reconciliation of banking transactions thanks to ISO 20022

The new payment standard enables automated work processes: suitable ESR transactions are automatically reconciled in banking with bexio.


Payroll accounting made easy and efficient with bexio

Cumbersome payroll accounting with Excel spreadsheets was a thing of yesterday! With bexio, you can invoice wages efficiently, simply and clearly. Payroll accounting in bexio will also be available in three languages as of the beginning of 2018, Swissdec certified and already being used by many bexio customers. Further features and improvements will follow.


New manual booking screen

We have heavily improved manual postings in bexio: Whether they be new features, group bookings or collective postings. In this way, bexio has fulfilled one of the most discussed customer requests.



More flexibility in document design

Existing features will also be improved: offers, orders and invoices in your design? No problem. With heavily improved document design, we can implement frequently mentioned customer requests: The new feature offers you simple and more design options for your documents in bexio.


More efficient document processing in accounting – also available on mobile devices

Accounting in bexio should be even more efficient with the bexio scanner app: The free bexio scanner ensures that your documents are kept in order. Scan an expense receipt with your smartphone, upload directly from the app, post it – and you’re done. No matter whether you do your bookkeeping yourself or whether your trustee posts the receipts directly: Now you can do your accounting even faster.



Swiss premiere: bexio links to UBS e-banking

Swiss innovation in collaboration with our partner UBS: The business software from bexio can now be linked to UBS e-banking. The tedious reconciliation of bank payments is now automatic. Payment orders can be sent from bexio to e-banking with one click. Joint customers save time-consuming manual work; the exporting and importing of electronic account statements is also a thing of the past.


Collaboration between fiduciaries and customers is further simplified

Via bexio, fiduciaries and customers can not only collaborate efficiently online: with the fiduciary directory, bexio customers can now find a suitable fiduciary in their area. This is another milestone in simplifying customer-fiduciary collaboration. Certified bexio fiduciaries are not only familiar with bexio but also support you in managing your accounting, tax matters or payroll accounting.



Bookkeeping is now easier thanks to bexio

The lives of small business owners are not only made easier when writing quotes and invoices: accounting is also a new component of bexio. A central product component on the way to the perfect tool for SME administration.



bexio is officially founded

bexio, then known as easySYS, is officially founded with the aim of developing a professional business software for SMEs.



bexio is live and already in use with the first customers

The foundation is laid! bexio is already being used by the first customers before its official foundation.The cloud-based business software goes live with the first bexio order processing including contacts, products, projects and sales.