Sales process and expense management

From offer to invoice - simple, professional order processing for your business

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Easy invoice creation - no matter what the product or service you sell.

Status overview

With the transparent order processing features, you always have a complete overview of all activity.


Customized document templates for quotes, orders and more.


With analysis functions so you know how your business is developing.

Sales process and expense management

Whether sales process or expense management - both are essential for a successful business. With bexio, you can do this easily and professionally at the same time. Discover the practical and useful features that make your everyday tasks easier.

Easy document creation

bexio makes it easy to sell and invoice products, services or individual projects.

  • You can create quotes, orders, invoices and credit notes.
  • It takes just a few seconds to create a document: Simply select a contact, products or services or add individual items.
  • You can flexibly adjust prices as well as descriptions or set discounts.
  • Document-specific settings - so you can work even faster and easier.
  • With our time tracking, you can invoice individual hourly rates per customer, employee, activity or project.

Always see the latest status

Order processing transparency makes your routine tasks easier.

  • In list view, you can always check the status (e.g. open, accepted, rejected, completed, reminder levels) of your sales documents.
  • If a customer accepts an offer, you can convert it into an order, an invoice, a delivery, etc. in a single click and get back to your work without further ado.
  • For recurring orders, you have access to your customers' ongoing subscriptions and can create periodic invoices automatically.
  • What happens when goods are returned? Simply create a credit note.
  • Set individual payment deadlines and reminder levels. If you want, bexio sends reminders to your customers by mail - using your own design template, of course.

Present your brand image with your own designs

You can present yourself your business with your own visual identity and build your image with your own design and style.

  • Individual document templates for offers, orders, invoices, delivery bills and more.
  • Specify individual fonts, logos and colors, for example.
  • You can create customized text modules (introduction and closing text) in multiple languages.
  • Send documents to your customers by e-mail or by post.
  • Use your own e-mail templates so you can address your customers in the appropriate way.

Professional business analysis

Keep track of all business developments thanks to our analysis feature.

  • With the dashboard, you see a general summary directly after login.
  • With our sales analysis, you can export the data from your sales documents into Excel format for even more detailed evaluation.
  • For each contact, you can view an account statement with payments received and open invoices - so you can inform customers and suppliers about the current balance as well as providing yourself with a full status update.

FAQ: Questions and answers about bexio sales process and expense management

What is understood by order processing?

All processes that take place in response to a customer order, from the moment the customer issues a binding order, are considered part of order processing. It should be considered as part of order fulfillment. During order processing, the customer order has to be carefully checked, any discrepancies clarified, and the timing of order fulfillment planned.

What happens during order processing?

As soon as a quotation is created, order processing starts. It is to be considered as part of order processing and includes all activities that have to be done, starting from the customer’s inquiry and until the invoicing.

What is involved in order processing?

Everything starts with the order entry. It is best to enter all important customer and order data directly before you begin. Order processing normally ends with invoicing, unless the customer makes a complaint, returns the goods, etc.

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