Invoicing software: generate invoices and more

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Creating and issuing invoices is part of the everyday routines in every company, no matter whether you have a small business, are a freelancer or a startup. However, many entrepreneurs spend too much time on this task that would yield better returns if invested into the core business. Do you battle with this issue as well? An invoicing software (also called billing software) is the ideal solution if you are looking to expedite and facilitate billing processes, such as the compilation and sending of invoices. So what should you be looking for? What are the important aspects? We will answer those questions next.

What every small company should look for in invoicing software

Efficiency is the main reason why even small companies use professional billing programs: Software allows them to automatize and do away with tedious manual processes. Using a program means that you will compile your invoices more expeditiously, with ease and you will save valuable time. A billing program that has the following functions offers the most benefits when it comes to efficiency:

Quick and easy invoice generation

Thanks to standard settings, form and storable banking information, programs allow users to compile invoices in just a few clicks – duplicate work is a thing of the past.

Billing programs with collection functions

Overdue invoices can become problems nobody wants to deal with. Thanks to software with integrated collection tools it is now possible to send reminders in just a few clicks or even automatically. The tedious manual processing is finally redundant.

Invoice templates and samples

Save time thanks to templates, samples with text modules and storable logo documents. These tools allow you to create invoices and other documents featuring your own design to give your correspondence a polished, professional look.

Payment reconciliation with ESR

Provided you have the proper billing software, you can set up and imprint orange deposit forms with all key information – including the reference number, which will save you time in the payment reconciliation process.

Billing software benefits for small and medium sized companies

  • Accounts receivable management: An intuitive program gives you control over open, paid and overdue invoices. Thanks to the finance charts and other graphic tools you will have complete control of your accounts receivable management.
  • Invoices sent electronically: Use the electronic invoice sending option to save time and effort. However, the most important advantage of this option is that it will save you time with both, the generation of invoices and the time it takes to send and receive it. Moreover, if you send invoices electronically, you will usually have a way to check whether your invoice has been viewed. bexio’s electronic billing tool, for instance, provides this option.
  • Synergies: If you use a comprehensive business software solution like bexio , the processes will work hand in hand. For instance, you will be able to copy all information directly into the respective invoice from a central customer management tool or a previously generated quotation. An interface to your e-banking tool will help you when reconciling payments or sending payments.

Billing program for Mac, Windows or Linux thanks to the Cloud

Web-based billing programs are especially practical: All you need to work with these systems is a browser. You can work independently of an operating system – these solutions are compatible with Windows, Linux or Mac. Thanks to the Cloud, you can generate your invoices on your PC, tablet or smartphone - on the road, at home or at the office.

Billing software also helps you stay on top of your accounts payable

Not only do professional billing programs help you with the compilation of invoices and other accounts receivable management jobs – they also simplify your accounts payable management. Open, paid and overdue supplier invoices and other accounts payable can be directly viewed in a comprehensive billing program.

If the billing functions are part of a comprehensive business software solution like bexio, users enjoy yet another benefit: your accounting software can be linked to your e-banking. Credits and debits from your e-banking are automatically reconciled with the accounts receivable and payable in your accounting system. Tedious manual reconciliation is finally a thing of the past. Moreover, payment orders to suppliers and accounts payable can now be sent to e-banking from the billing software with a single click. Another tool that simplifies your processes.


Which expectations will a billing program for small businesses have to meet?

The three key aspects for a small business billing program at a glance:

  • Fast and easy: The program allows you to generate invoices in just a few clicks and requires a minimal amount of work.
  • Affordable: A billing program must also be affordable for small businesses with a tighter budget. That’s why the basic package from bexio, which includes order processing and online accounting costs only CHF 29 a month.
  • Easy to navigate: An intuitive billing program reduces the on-the-job training time and is easy to use.

Such a program must do everything that helps small businesses reduce stress, save time and money as well as invest more energy into their core business.