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Set up payroll accounting to suit your specific requirements.


Produce your payroll reports and salary statements, stress-free.

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Swissdec-certified and ELM - a payroll program that meets the highest standards.

Payroll accounting with bexio

Simple and easy to understand for all Swiss self-employed, small businesses and startups. With bexio, you can do payroll accounting easily and professionally at the same time. Discover the practical and useful features that make your everyday tasks easier.

Individual settings and flexible payroll forms

Perfectly suited to your needs - so that payroll can be done without any stress.

  • Choose between different wage types (fixed, per hour, 13th salary etc.), withholding tax details, expenses, child allowances and much more.
  • Social security contributions such as AHV are calculated automatically.
  • Store all insurance details such as accident and daily sickness benefits.
  • You can view the adjustments for each employee on a timeline: This lets you easily track any past changes and carry forward future adjustments.

Salary statements & wage pay slips - simple and stress-free

We've optimized payroll in bexio to make it easy and stress-free for you.

  • Payroll is connected to financial accounting and e-banking - so you can pay wages or post them via bank transfer easily and in a few steps without additional reconciliations.
  • Easily send monthly payroll reports and annual wage statements to your employees via email.
  • Bulk exporting of reports and wage statements.

The entire payroll in one software module

The entire payroll in one software module - so you always have everything at your fingertips.

  • Give your fiduciary free access to your bexio account - for more efficient collaboration.
  • With bexio, you can handle your payroll accounting in just a few clicks - easily, quickly and clearly.
  • We take care of regular backups and free software updates, so you have more time for the essentials.
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Certification and highest standards

Swissdec-certified and ELM for the highest standards - so you can do your payroll accounting easily, efficiently and clearly.

  • bexio payroll accounting is Swissdec-certified and thus meets all legal standards for the electronic transmission of all relevant wage data to the affiliated social insurance companies and authorities.
  • Free standardized wage reporting procedure (ELM).

FAQ: Questions and answers about payroll accounting

What is understood by payroll accounting?

Payroll accounting is a particular area accounting. It is primarily concerned with accounting matters related to salary statements and wage pay slips. For more information on payroll accounting, pay slips and calculating wages, please refer to the respective links.

I don't have the time to set up the payroll accounting. Is there any support available?

We will be happy to help you with our set-up service and provide you with advice beforehand. Please feel free to call us (+41 71 552 00 61) ) or send us an e-mail ([email protected]). We look forward to hearing from you.

Can I do my payroll accounting by myself?

You can handle the payroll and accounting tasks by yourself. With the right software like bexio, it is no problem. However, you can also have the all the work done by a fiduciary or let them take charge of just some aspects, as a backup. In this way, you can minimize and queries or discussions with the tax authorities, for example.

With bexio, you have the option of granting your trustee access to your accounting. If you wish, you can easily give your fiduciary online access. This makes working with the fiduciary not only easier, but also much more efficient.

What is ELM and how does it work?

With ELM (stands for: "Electronic Salary Reporting"), it enables you to save a lot of time when you have to send data to the AHV, accident insurance, withholding tax authorities, etc.

Swissdec-certified payroll programs such as bexio, are able to independently prepare the data for the various recipients.

You only need to enter the data provided by the recipients once into bexio payroll accounting. After the last payroll run before data delivery, you click to select the desired recipients and transmit the data.

After transmission, you will always receive a confirmation of receipt with the result of the documents sent. These are checked by the insurance company and either accepted or rejected. If needed, corrections can be made to the data previously transmitted and it can be transmitted again.

You can find more information in our support article.

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