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Payroll accounting, tailored to small Swiss companies and their accountants: Simple payslip generation, efficient one-click processing, clearly presented. Direct online access for your accountant. Gives you more time for business.

Intuitive software with everything you need for payroll accounting

Everything that you have done manually until now with countless forms and a great deal of effort can now be automated with bexio online payroll accounting. bexio allows you to do everything on a single platform – payroll accounting, direct wage payments through the e-banking interface, reports to insurers or tax offices and more. bexio payroll accounting is perfectly tailored to small businesses: It's simple, efficient and safe.

Online payroll accounting

Cloud-based payslip processing – easy to use and always accessible. Tailored to small businesses, start-ups and SMEs in Switzerland. Free backups and software updates.

Speedy payroll processing

Simple processing of monthly payroll accounts: Process the payslips of all your employees with a single click – completely interactively and intuitively.

Single click posting

The wages are automatically posted at the click of a mouse due to the integration of payroll accounting
in financial accounting.

Timeline for overview

The timeline of each employee swiftly provides you information about the past or future adjustments
in the employee data.

«With our modern payroll accounting solution we replace cumbersome Excel sheets. And thanks to online access, we are greatly simplifying the cooperation between SMEs and fiduciaries in the field of wages.»

Jeremias Meier, Managing Director & Founder of bexio

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bexio payroll accounting is now Swissdec-certified

bexio payroll accounting is Swissdec-certified and thus meets all statutory standards for the electronic transmission of all relevant wage data to linked social insurance companies and public authorities. Calculate wages simply, efficiently and clearly with bexio payroll accounting.

What is Swissdec? Swissdec is a quality certification label for Swiss payroll accounting systems.


All on one platform

Save valuable time in wage administration and eliminate unnecessary paperwork. bexio provides everything you need on a single platform:

Online banking interface

Thanks to the interface between bexio and your online banking providers, you can transfer wage payments to your online bank with just a few clicks – very simply and conveniently from your bexio account. Another advantage: You no longer need to duplicate your time and effort by entering data in Accounting.

Simple electronic transmission of wage declarations

Simple electronic transmission of wage declarations (e.g. to insurers or tax offices), thanks to the ELM of Swissdec-certified bexio payroll accounting)

Financial accounting integration

bexio not only takes care of your payroll accounting, it also helps you to keep your entire financial accounting in order. Thanks to the integration, wages can be booked automatically with a single click. Not only does this save you time, it also saves you a lot of hassle.

Online access for your accountant

If you wish, you can give your accountant online access to your accounts. This makes working with an accountant not only easier, but also much more efficient.

Thanks to the timeline, adjustments are always visible at a glance.

Employee timelines offer you an at-a-glance overview of adjustments to employee data. The timelines make it easy for you to track changes made in the past and conveniently perform future adjustments.

Generating payslips

bexio payroll accounting allows you to generate your monthly payslips simply and quickly: Generate payslips for all your employees with a single click! Speedy adjust the wage data for individual employees before or during payroll processing.

Simple and clearly presented

Quickly enter items such as expenses, or add new wage types and calculate the results immediately. Creating payslips with bexio is just as it should be: interactive and intuitive.

Export to financial accounting

It’s easy to transfer your payroll to your financial accounting: By means of the individual chart of accounts and the account numbers attributed to wage types, all the current figures can be exported in an appropriate format to an Excel file. Upload the Excel accounting document directly to your bexio inbox and book it through the manual booking form. Here’s a little tip: If you save a manual booking as a template, you will only need to edit the monthly amounts when processing future payroll runs. We are already working on a feature that will allow the automatic transfer of payroll accounts into bexio accounting.

Export to Excel and PDF

Print-ready payslips can be downloaded as PDFs, either per employee or for all employees.

Exporting salary payments

You can currently export your payroll by means of a DTA file: This file can be imported into bexio and the payments executed directly.


Salary accounts are available at both employee level and corporate level and offer a concise overview of all salary figures and wage classes.

Salary statements

With bexio payroll accounting, you can create and download salary statements and declarations and download them as PDF files while retaining access to all the usual input fields and additional texts. The form naturally complies with the official specifications, including the 2D bar code. Salary certificates (AHV, ALV, UVG, KTG) can also be easily exported as PDFs.

Wage types and wage groups

Regardless of whether you need to process monthly or hourly wages, daily fees or commissions, the flexible and very extensive wage type presets cover all the usual forms of remuneration. You can also specify your own wage types or issue automatic regular payments of specific wage types, thus creating individual payslips for your employees.

”13th monthly salary”

Flexible payment of 13th monthly salaries: our payroll accounting system supports both fixed monthly wages with set working hours with the payment of a 13th monthly salary on freely-definable payment months, and the payment of a 13th monthly salary to employees paid by the hour, including compensation for holidays and public holidays.

Hourly wage with compensation for holidays and public holidays

Paying on an hourly basis is no problem with bexio payroll accounting. Supplementary payments for holidays and public holidays are credited automatically in accordance with your specifications.

Daily fees

Additional payments of hourly rates and other variable wages based on a per diem rate – or for a series of lectures, for example – can be covered by an individual wage type.

Bonuses, payments in kind, private use of company car

Bonuses, payments in kind, private use of company cars and other financial benefits can be specified and paid out individually per month, or paid at regular intervals.

It’s easy to specify which payments are issued on a regular basis.

Fixed fees and effective expenses

Expenses can easily be entered in during the payroll run or for the following months.

Per diem illness or accident benefits

Absences due to illness or accidents are easy to enter and ongoing salary payments are calculated automatically.

Social security contributions

Our payroll accounting system automatically calculates the employee and employer shares of all social insurance contributions.

AHV, IV, EO, AHV administration fees, ALV, ALVZ

All statutory contribution rates (such as AHV (old-age pension and survivor's insurance), ALV (unemployment insurance), UVG “maximum wage” (accident insurance) and BVG (contributory pension) deductions are already included in payroll accounting. An additional benefit is that any changes to the contribution rates that are introduced at national level due to changes in the law will be updated automatically.


Contributions for accident insurance, contributory pension plans, family compensation funds or illness benefit can be added to payslips with ease.

Our payroll accounting system allows insurance contributions to be entered simply and clearly.

UVG supplementary accident insurance

Voluntary supplementary accident insurance is also no problem as it can easily be calculated with our payroll accounting system.

Supplements for children and education

Child supplements and educational allowances can also be entered in payroll accounting, including the duration of entitlement, and are automatically taken into account.

Individual wage type presets

The standard wage type presets already include all wage types, so you can get started right away. [Nbsp]You can currently adjust the descriptions and corresponding financial accounts of wage types to suit your personal requirements.

Source-deducted tax tables

The payroll accounting system already includes source-deducted tax tables for all cantons. All that you need to do is enter the tariff group for taxable employees and the deduction will be performed automatically, depending on the amount that they earn.

Customisable chart of accounts

The wage type presets in bexio payroll accounting are already adjusted to the bookkeeping requirements for Swiss SMEs. You are free to adjust the chart of accounts and wage types (with respect to the description and financial accounts) to suit your personal requirements. bexio payroll accounting makes transferring the data into your financial accounting as easy as possible; the booking voucher is adjusted automatically.

Intuitive software with everything you need for payroll accounting

bexio business software allows you to handle your payroll accounting in just a few clicks – simply, speedily, and clearly. Since bexio is cloud-based software, you can access your date anytime, anywhere and on any device – regardless of whether it’s a Windows PC, a Mac or a smartphone. We take care of regular backups and free software updates, leaving you more time for essential tasks. Try it out and see for yourself! Start a no-obligations, free 30-day trial of bexio with payroll accounting.