Small Business Accounting Software

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Many small companies find accounting to be an arduous and time-consuming undertaking. The simplest solution is easy to use accounting software that comes with all of the features the business needs. The objective of our software solution is to help you streamline your administration while also making this work less stressful and far less of a time thief. After all, you certainly have much better uses for your time. The bexio team is excited to show you what defines the perfect accounting software.

In-house or outsourced accounting?

Many established entrepreneurs, but also founders of new businesses and self-employed contractors wonder whether they should do their accounting work in-house or commission a third party to handle it for them. In our opinion, if you have an intuitive, easy to use software solution, doing your accounting in-house is certainly an excellent option.

Today, there are a few accounting software suppliers on the market that offer such powerful accounting programs for small businesses – bexio is one of the leaders in this field. However, even if you have a good software solution, in most cases it is still worthwhile to work with an accounting expert. Fiduciaries are qualified experts in this field. In the Directory of Fiduciaries you will find an expert who is an optimum match for your company’s needs.

Accounting software: Mac and PC compatible

Accounting software like bexio enables you to handle your administrative tasks from any location in the world, regardless of whether you use a PC or Mac for your accounting needs. You also will not have to invest any time to download software. All it takes to access your system is an Internet connection. Hence you can do your work from any compatible device and location – while you’re on the road, traveling, at your desk or in a coffee shop.


Accounting software offers multiple benefits

It is our mission to ensure that small companies and the self-employed should have the option to use premium accounting solutions. After all, intuitive accounting software that is custom-designed for the specific needs of small businesses, enables small and medium sized enterprises, independent contractors and startups to not only reduce the amount of stress and time invested, but also to save cold hard cash. Here are some of the ways you will benefit from accounting software offers in Switzerland:

  • You stay in control: Thanks to accounting graphs and diagrams, you will always have an overview of your business’ financials.
  • You retain your identity: Accounting software developed for small businesses is based on their needs and design.
  • You cut costs: Accounting programs reduce administrative expense: You easily handle your accounting in-house, which also makes it more expeditious.
  • You reconcile with ESR payments: Most software solutions allow you to print all key information – including reference numbers – on orange deposit forms – which will save you an enormous amount of time.
  • You enjoy data sovereignty: Whether you are importing or exporting data – the accounting data is your property and can be easily downloaded.
  • You can count on help: Many accounting software suppliers offer complimentary assistance. bexio, for instance, provides support via e-mail or telephone along with a comprehensive online support portal.

Linking accounting software with online banking

Thanks to bexio, linking online banking and accounting has been possible since the end of 2015. As a result, users can now reconcile e-banking credit and debit transactions automatically with the accounts payable and receivable entered into the software. Hence, the tedious comparing and checking off of individual payments is now redundant. Payment transactions initiated to accounts payable (such as suppliers or credit notes issued to customers) can now also be transferred directly from the accounting software to the online banking system, where they simply have to be approved.

Accounting software functions

Every accounting software solution available on the market offers a variety of functions. Companies looking to acquire a program should first contemplate what they expect of an accounting software program. It does not take much time to compile a catalog of needs and once you have it, you will be well prepared to choose software that matches your requirements. Such programs frequently offer the following accounting functions:

  • Balance sheet compilation
  • Income statement
  • Ledgers (incl. ledger management)
  • Overview of income and expenses
  • Billing tools
  • Manual posting options
  • Account plans, account limits
  • Various VAT billing options

Administration software inherent synergy effects

Do you have separate tools for your CRM, accounting and billing? Take advantage of the synergies by working with a solution that covers all three! bexio does. Given that the individual business processes are closely linked, business software of bexio’s caliber offers the option to harness synergies and help users save time. If you also connect functions such as a warehouse management system, project management, time tracking and newsletter tools, all solutions will work hand and in hand so that small companies have one less thing to worry about.