Quotes, orders, invoices and more: everything in one software

bexio provides the tools for all of order processing conveniently from a single source. Just enter your e-mail and test for free:

Conveniently create professional quotes

It is important for every business to efficiently take care of office work. This is why quotes and offers can be issued in bexio with just a few clicks. All the necessary information is generated in bexio automatically: contacts are taken from the address book, products or services from the saved catalogue. Together with the appropriate text sections, your offer is easy to generate, in several languages if needed. Using the saved letterhead paper and personalized settings you can design all documents in your style. This will help you look professional and convincing.


Send quotes online by e-mail

Prepare quotes with just a few clicks? You can now send your quotes directly by e-mail from bexio. Recipients can comment on your quotes (or offers) line and accept or reject them right away. This really simplifies things. Alternatively, you could, of course, conveniently print the documents and send them by mail. Regardless what method you use, with bexio, it is quick and easy. This does not only apply to quotes, but to orders, invoices and payment notices.

Order processing like magic

It is important for every business to quickly and efficiently issue orders. We know this, so we enable you to create new orders in bexio with just a few clicks: the central customer management already has all the important information about your contact. Choose the corresponding product or service from the saved catalogue, define conditions (e.g., price, quantity and any discounts), and your order is ready. Just send it and you’re all done. If you need, you can issue the delivery slip based on the order.

Is the order based on a quote (or offer)? If yes, creating an order is even faster: you can create a new order from the quote with just a click of the mouse. All the information (such as items and original data) will be copied from the quote. With bexio you do not have to worry and you save valuable time.


Issue invoices with just a click

Issue invoices with bexio quickly and easily: bexio automatically imports the addresses of your customers from the address book. You can copy the right product or service from the saved catalogue and define conditions (e.g., price, quantity, and any discounts), and you’re all done.

Did you issue a quote or order in bexio prior to the invoice? Then you can generate an invoice with just a click of the mouse; bexio will copy all the information. Just as with other documents, you can send your invoices by mail or directly by e-mail from bexio. This way, you will be paid quicker.

If your customers don’t pay on time, bexio will send automatic payment reminders: with bexio, you can automatically send notices of overdue invoices to your customers. This helps ensure high payment rates for your business.

Banking with bexio replaces manual work

bexio revolutionizes payments for small businesses with its interface to e-banking, so you can take care of the painstaking reconciliation process with bexio in Nu: reconcile your banking transactions directly with bexio accounting. In addition, you can keep track of payment orders to your creditors and send them to your e-banking with a click of the mouse. This way office work is fun.

The automatic integration with UBS e-banking offers you the highest level of convenience; at the same time, Postfinance and Zürcher Kantonalbank customers can synchronize their payments directly with the interface to their e-banking accounts. Support for other banks is planned in the near future.


Save time with the orange deposit slip

Set up your own orange payment slips with a reference number (ESR) in bexio and print out your own deposit slips. This way you can reconcile incoming payments easily and save time. With the banking functions, you will have full control over your business.