Cloud and data security in bexio

Swiss software with data stored securely in Switzerland.

Where is the cloud and where are your bexio data located? What precautions does bexio take for data security? How can you further protect your data? We provide the answers.

What is the cloud? What does cloud computing mean?

With the cloud, your data is no longer stored locally at your workplace. Instead, it is kept in an externally secured data center. The data are stored online in the data cloud, which is also where it is retrieved from. Derived from this, cloud computing describes the use of these cloud applications, which are rented via the Internet as needed ("pay-per-use"). The advantage: you'll always have access to your data – no matter where, no matter when.

What is Software-as-a-Service?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the most comprehensive form of cloud computing. Service providers like bexio offer all software in the cloud. Work whenever and wherever you want. Thanks to the cloud, you are not tied to any device.

The bexio servers are deliberately located in Switzerland. The data is stored in a multi-certified and secured data center.

What does this mean for bexio customers?

Wherever you are, bexio comes with. bexio is Software-as-a-Service. The modern infrastructure of our SaaS solution guarantees fast access and the highest level of data security. Nothing needs to be downloaded and installed anymore; you can work on any computer. bexio customers are mobile, independent and don't have to worry about backups or updates. We do this so that you can focus on your core business.

Into the cloud – but secure

"But the cloud isn't secure and the data isn't locatable if it's somewhere abroad?" Not at bexio. The data is stored here in Switzerland in a certified data center.

Risks of the cloud: are the data secure?

It is a fact that the financial figures of your company are highly sensitive data. Various companies are concerned about the security of their data and don't utilize cloud software because of this. However, this raises the question as to what is safer: your own computer in the office, where there are no IT specialists to keep everything up-to-date, or cloud solutions, where the provider guarantees data security and collaborates with specialists.

Cloud containing swiss flag and green blue key words like bexio server updates

What precautions does bexio take for data security?

The bexio servers are deliberately located in Switzerland. They are in a multi-certified and secured data center; ISO 27001 certified, the recognized standard for information security. The connection to our servers is made by means of a higher encryption standard (SSL encryption). We regularly back up customer data on a regular basis. In order to prevent data loss even in extreme cases (such as the destruction of a data center due to an earthquake), the encrypted backups are stored in parallel in several data centers.

No more week-long postponement of long overdue updates! At bexio, we update automatically and free of charge so that you can work with the latest version every morning.

With this modern infrastructure, we guarantee fast access and the highest data security. Our security procedures are continually enhanced as new technology develops. Better to be safe than sorry. More information about data protection at bexio.

How can you further protect your data?

You too can help ensure that your data is safe. For example, do not use a password with common terms and too few characters. We also recommend that you change your password regularly, at least every 60 days.

Google authenticator colored with shade

Even more security for your bexio account?

Increase the protection of your account against unwanted access. With "Google Authenticator", we offer a free addon that further protects your bexio data ("2-Step Verification"). Protect your account on two levels with Google Authenticator - as before with your personal password and additionally with your telephone or security key. Codes for this second login step are sent to you via SMS, voice call or mobile app. Set up Google Authenticator.

The discussion about the relevance of the cloud is over

Discussions about the relevance of the cloud are over: digitization affects all areas of business. Why buy the cow when you only want one liter of milk? With the cloud, companies can purchase external services according to their needs and thus save enormous costs.

How do bexio's customers benefit?

bexio digitizes the entire work processes of your company and offers everything from a single source: from quotation management to dunning, including financial and payroll accounting. The key to success? All processes interact in a very effective manner. The software should not be a time-consuming task, but rather an efficient tool that makes administration easier and brings order to the chaos.

The cloud platform connects your stakeholders

Because cloud platforms are web-based, all relevant stakeholders can be better integrated.

Direct access for fiduciaries

Give your fiduciary direct access to your accounting. This tremendously speeds up the collaboration. With the mobile app bexio Go, you can also upload receipts directly to bexio – even on the go.

More addons, more benefits

Thanks to the cloud, we can offer additional services from partners like CreditGate24 more easily.

Automatically reconcile payments

Thanks to the e-banking interfaces of various banks, you can synchronize credit and debit entries on the bank account directly with outstanding invoices and accounting.

«Update is being applied...»

At bexio, we update automatically and free of charge so that you can work with the latest version every morning. No more week-long postponement of long overdue updates!

Thanks to the cloud, the bexio software is always up-to-date. Another positive effect of automatic updates: since you only pay a monthly or annual price, you benefit from cost security and better planning. Updates, backups and personal support are free of charge.

Do you receive your data?

Of course! If you no longer need bexio, you can cancel your account at the end of the next billing period. Your data can be easily exported.

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