Effortless time tracking

Online time tracking for small businesses.

All the benefits at a glance

The bexio cloud-based time tracker lets you record your working time easily and quickly – regardless of whether you are using a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Project time tracking

The integrated project management system allows you to optimise your schedule and to organise your projects better. Working hours can be assigned directly to specific projects.

Convenient invoicing of working hours

The working hours and fees recorded In bexio can be imported into invoices with just a few clicks and charged to the appropriate customer.

Individual hourly rates

Define your own hourly rates for projects to cover all the different rates that you charge for the work of your employees.

Simple time tracking

Time tracking is simple with bexio and requires little effort, regardless of whether you use the built-in timer or enter the hours manually.

Statement nuun GmbH

Sam Müller

nuun GmbH

«bexio helps us to quickly enter our time worked and efficiently invoice even small amounts. That simplifies our day-to-day work in the office quite a bit.»

Recording working hours manually (e.g. with Excel) can take up a lot of time that would be better invested in running your business. That’s where time tracking software can help.

Record your working hours “live” with the built-in timer or enter them manually afterwards with ease. Integrate your time tracking seamlessly with project management, and add individual employees. Work more efficiently and boost customer satisfaction by offering more transparency.

bexio is perfectly tailored to the needs of the self-employed, SMEs and start-ups and offers so much more than just time tracking software - recording your hours will become purely incidental and you will able to focus completely on your business.

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Online project time tracking has never been so easy!

bexio is perfectly tailored to the needs of service providers: simply record working hours directly from your project dashboard. Start the timer intuitively in your dashboard as you work, or enter time periods or working hours at your convenience. View and filter the status of recorded working hours directly, so that you immediately know whether individual tasks are in progress or already finished, and whether they have been invoiced. Add notes to your working hours and determine whether or not to charge them. You also have the option to import the hours directly into invoices. With bexio, project-related time tracking is child's play.

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Unlimited projects and milestones

The sky’s the limit: Create an unlimited number of projects, milestones and tasks to be performed with just a few mouse-clicks. Your recorded working hours will always be clearly visible. You can also define or change the status or even sub-status of a project, so that you and your employees are always informed about the progress of the project. Want to create both internal and external projects? No problem with bexio!

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Determine individual hourly rates

It’s the perfect time tracking program for small businesses: Improve the efficiency of your project and time management by defining specific hourly rates for each individual project, customer, employee, or even type of activity.

The dashboard makes it easy to keep track of all your recorded hours.

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Put an end to the chaos: Assign projects and working hours to customers

Use the project management system to assign your projects and working hours directly to customers from your address book. The customer management feature integrates with all bexio’s other features, so you can select the appropriate customers with a single click, and always know which projects and which hours belong to which customers.

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Save valuable time when issuing invoices

Parameters such as project budgets and billing methods can be assigned individually to each project. Billing with bexio is almost automatic: Just determine in advance whether working hours or projects should be charged – then all you still need to do is to import the billable hours and hourly rates into invoices with the stored customer details. You can either print the invoices and send them to your customers by post, or simply send them by e-mail as PDFs.

Working as a team: Online time tracking for employees

Add employees to your projects so that they can enter their hours directly. bexio time tracking records the working hours of employees precisely, simply and efficiently.

Cloud-based time tracking software for Macs, PCs, smartphones and tablets
With bexio, you and your employees can record working hours electronically anytime, anywhere and on any device - PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet - regardless of whether you’re on the road, in the office or working from home. As soon as you open a bexio account, you can log in from any web browser and take advantage of the comprehensive range of time tracking features - and your time tracking will be mobile!

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bexio: More than just time tracking software

  • bexio is much more than just an online time tracking system. bexio provides a comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-use business software solution that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the self-employed, SMEs and start-ups.
  • With bexio, you can create projects and record working hours, and assign them to customers from the integrated address book. You can also decide whether hours should be charged or not - so creating an invoice and sending it to a customer takes just a few mouse-clicks.
  • There’s also an integrating accounting system, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Orders, quotes and invoices can all be created from the built-in project management system, and the created invoices can be recorded directly into the accounting ledger. Documents can be scanned with the bexio Go mobile app and posted directly.
  • You can link bexio to your online bank in just a few steps, which will allow you to pay invoices and reconcile transactions directly from your bexio dashboard. This will save you a great deal of time-consuming work and allow you to concentrate fully on essential tasks.

Recording of working hours in Switzerland

Recording working time in Switzerland is mandatory. This makes it all the more important to have a time recording system that meets the requirements of SECO and is easy to use at the same time. With bexio, you not only get time recording software that is easy and intuitive to use. bexio is also perfectly tailored to the needs of small businesses and medium-sized companies and offers comprehensive functions that are essential for your company and make administration easier. This allows you to concentrate on the essentials at all times.

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