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Accounting Software for Mac

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Automated Accounting Software for Mac

With our simple accounting software for Mac, your accounting tasks virtually take care of themselves. More than 70'000 small businesses, freelancers and self-employed professionals in Switzerland rely on bexio accounting software.

Accounting for Mac OS X

Process automated accounting tasks efficiently from your Mac. The accounting software is accessible via your browser, and is, therefore, available on all your Apple devices, not only your desktop!

Easy to use and user-friendly

Simple, automated and it doesn’t require lengthy training - accounting doesn't have to be complicated! With bexio, you can do your financial accounting without having extensive accounting knowledge.

E-banking integration

Connect bexio to your e-banking: automate the reconciliation between e-banking transactions and your accounting, and conveniently pay incoming invoices via your bexio account!

Everything online, no download required

The bexio software is stable and runs efficiently on your Mac. Simply log into your bexio account using your browser (such as Safari or Chrome) from any device, whether you’re in your office or at home. Ready-to-use and always up-to-date.

Statement Wood Room GmbH

Matthias König

Wood Room GmbH

I can focus all of my efforts on my work and my clients. bexio helps me stay on top of the administrative side of business.

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Computer screen with invoice bill orange company logo

Orders, quotes and invoices

Create orders, quotes, invoices and reminders in no time.Thanks to templates, a product catalog and an integrated address book, almost all data can be imported into your document automatically.

Automated bookings save time

Many business processes can easily be posted in bexio, automatically; such as outgoing invoices and supplier invoices, which can be paid via your bexio account.

Double-entry accounting made easy

Do all your accounting without the need for extensive accounting knowledge. The accounting software automatically creates all the important documents required for your accounting processes, such as your income statement or balance sheet. It takes care of all your financial accounting needs!

Computer screen with an application with two blue line graphs

Automated payment matching

Connect bexio to your e-banking so that the software can match your banking transactions directly to your bexio account - conveniently and automatically!

Direct Trustee Access

It puts an end to the time-consuming back-and-forth of accounting data, documents and receipts. With bexio, your trustee can access your data directly via online access - effortlessly and efficiently.

Keep an eye on your finances at all times

Your bexio dashboard gives you immediate access to your company's financial status. You'll never be in the dark again, so you can always make the most expedient decisions for your business.

Test out bexio now for 30 days free of charge and with no obligation

Test all the features of bexio, the simple business software for your SME administration.

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