CRM Software for Your Small Business

No download or installation is required. Ready to start in just a few steps. More than 30'000 SMEs in Switzerland rely on bexio business software. Start your free trial now:

Customer Relationship Management simplified. Perfectly tailored to the needs of small businesses in Switzerland. Get a clear picture of your company and achieve high levels of customer retention.

All of the advantages of CRM software

The ideal CRM for your small business

bexio is intuitive and easy to use. It is the perfect CRM solution for SMEs, startups and self-employed people!

Setup your CRM system quickly and easily

Say goodbye to high setup costs. You can start with bexio in just a few simple steps! No download. No installation.

CRM online in the cloud

Everything is online, always up to date and centrally accessible by all employees. You can access the system from any device, whether in the office, in the home office or on the go.

There are no hidden costs

Simple packages and prices, and no hidden costs. Software, maintenance and support - everything is included.

Testimonial Avenir Consulting AG

A CRM system that's fun! From user-friendly operation to its modern design to top-notch service - bexio covers everything we need as a consulting firm. »

Michaela Schneider, Avenir Consulting AG

CRM software that is perfect for your small business

Large companies typically require a complex and expensive in-house system that needs to be customized to their needs. Small companies, on the other hand, benefit from a simple CRM program that offers the most important functions with the lowest setup costs.

Therefore, SMEs rely on bexio. bexio is perfectly tailored to the needs of small business. Setup takes minutes, and the software is easy to use and comes with all of the features that you need for your SME administration.

Get constant and universal access to your CRM tool

A good CRM tool should be accessible anytime, anywhere: on the way to a customer meeting, at home and in the office. With bexio you can be prepared for any situation: Simply log in to your bexio account via any browser. For example, you can log in from your Mac or Windows computer, tablet or mobile device.

With our mobile app bexioGo for Android and iOS, you'll always have your bexio contacts with you, in your pocket. Find, edit, create new contacts, or contact directly via the app. Simply and easily, from your smartphone.

Focus on the customer

Does a former customer want to use you again? Would you like to know which customers still have outstanding invoices? Or you are about to settle a new deal? Customer Management lets you see all of the documents and interactions with your customers at a glance, such as, for example:

  • Your recorded notes, e.g., phone calls or correspondence.
  • Completed or ongoing projects.
  • Offers, orders, invoices and other documents.
  • Files, such as, e.g., contracts.

Segmenting Contacts and Identifying Opportunities

Define individual categories that are customized perfectly for your business needs! For example, send payment reminders to customers with outstanding invoices. Or, increase your chances of success by contacting customers who have not yet responded to your offers. Would you like an overview on which of your contacts will receive your newsletter? Or, do you prefer to filter your contacts according to supplier? With bexio, all this is effortless and attainable!

Everything is stored centrally in a CRM system

Confusing Excel spreadsheets are a thing of the past. With bexio, all of your employees always stay up to date. Your team knows at any time who has created a contact, who the responsible contact person is or who was the last person to make changes. Everyone can see directly which orders or projects are up and running. The software supports transparent and efficient collaboration on a single CRM platform.

Easily import data into the CRM database

No more time-consuming and annoying entering of data by hand! Import contact data with just a few clicks by using our Excel template, or from search.ch. The intuitive address book in bexio lets you manage your contacts easily and centrally from one place.

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Send newsletters to targeted groups

Provide excellent customer service by targeting relevant newsletter campaigns to specific customer segments. For example, you can activate the "MailChimp" add-on to import bexio contacts directly into the MailChimp newsletter tool.

Automatic backups and updates

Thanks to our cloud-based CRM, you do not have to worry about performing regular backups or updates. We do that for you – automatically, regularly and for free. And what about your data, you may ask? We store multiple copies of it securely at certified Swiss data centers.

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