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Simple import into the CRM system

With the Excel template we've prepared, you can easily manage the details of your contacts - even your customers' billing or delivery addresses. Simply import them into bexio from any source.

Intuitive address book

In bexio, creating new addresses and managing existing customer and contact data is intuitive: Customer Relationship Management made simple.

Categories for contacts

Simply assign addresses to self-defined categories, e.g. based on your customer relationships. With bexio CRM software, you always have an overview at your fingertips.

Customer relationship overview

When performing customer management, you can view all receipts, open invoices and interaction with your customers at a glance. Maintaining customer relationships is as easy as 1-2-3.

Testimonial Avenir Consulting AG

A CRM system that's fun! From user-friendly operation to its modern design to top-notch service - bexio covers everything we need as a consulting firm. »

Michaela Schneider, Avenir Consulting AG

Especially for small companies, setting oneself apart from the intensive competition is always a big challenge. Market share is fiercely contested by international competitors or large corporations.

So how does a small company stand out in the jungle of tough competition?

The answer is typically fairly simple: through a better relationship with the customer. For smaller companies, this makes good CRM software an indispensable part of good customer management.

In this article, you'll learn what small business owners particularly need to pay attention to when choosing a customer relationship system and how you can use bexio to keep an eye on all your customers in one central location. You'll also learn how to make customer processes more transparent and how to access projects, tasks and the entire order process directly from your address book – from quotation through to invoice.

The most economical solution for small businesses: Online CRM from the Cloud

Even small companies benefit from CRM systems.

In a study conducted by Software Initiative Deutschland (SID), SMEs were surveyed with respect to CRM. Fully 91% of the SMEs questioned considered the use of CRM software to be important (52% considered it "very important", and 39% considered it "important"). However, at the time of the study (2010), only 24% of the SMEs surveyed actually used a CRM system at their company.

The problem:

Unlike large companies, when choosing a CRM program small businesses are faced with the big challenge of finding a CRM provider that caters to the specific needs of small businesses.

For small businesses in particular, costly in-house systems are less suitable and unnecessarily expensive for small businesses since they entail high set-up and licensing fees. Many CRM solutions are also highly complex, which furthermore necessitates employee training.

The solution:

Intuitive and simple software from the Cloud at affordable prices, like bexio – starting at as little as CHF 29 per month and perfectly tailored to the needs of small businesses. Installation only takes a few minutes: since bexio is Cloud-based software, you simply log in to your account and can then immediately use your CRM system.

Try it today – you can try bexio for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. Just enter your email address and get started.


Small businesses have special requirements for CRM software

The requirements imposed on a CRM system vary from company to company.

While large and complex companies with many employees require a system that is as individually adjustable as possible, small and medium-sized companies especially benefit from a simple solutionwhich, in just a few clicks and without appreciable set-up hassle, offers the most important and relevant functions to

  1. improve customer relationships
  2. make customer relationships more transparent for employees,
  3. betterrecognize customer needs and
  4. make business relationships more profitable in the long term.

As a small company, the following questions are particularly relevant when choosing CRM software:

  • Is the CRM system intuitive, so that time-consuming and costly (employee) training isn't necessary?
  • Can I quickly and easily import data from e.g. Excel, so that I don't have to laboriously type it in by hand?
  • Is there an interface to the newsletter program? Can I send newsletters to specific customer segments in targeted manner?
  • Do I have all business transactions for each customer directly in view? At a glance, can I see all quotes that have been submitted, orders and invoices, as well as their status (e.g., open/paid)?
  • Can I categorize customers meaningfully andintuitively, so that I can reach the right customers at the right time and with the relevant information?
  • As a service provider: Can I integrate my customer data into project and task management?
  • As a distributor: Do I have all my supplier orders and data in one central location?

bexio is designed to meet the needs of small businesses and covers the most important and relevant CRM functions for your company - in the form of a simple and accessible Cloud-based software.

CRM software from Switzerland: The most important CRM functions of bexio

bexio can be up and running in just a few minutes

With bexio, no complex setup is necessary – simply log in to your account and begin using your CRM. No software need be downloaded – regardless of whether you use an Apple device or Windows.

No annoying typing by hand: Address data can be imported easily and quickly

Existing customer data can be imported or exported to/from bexio in just a few clicks – whether via Excel spreadsheet or v-Card. Plus, if you create new contacts directly in bexio, you can easily import address data from and save yourself time-consuming manual typing.

Access to your CRM - anytime, anywhere

bexio is software from the Cloud. There's no need to download software or for regular updates – we take care of regular maintenance and making improvements to our CRM functionality! And, since you only need a browser to access your account, you always have your CRM at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere - whether at work, on the road or at home. No matter if Mac, PC or Linux.

Information exchange more efficient and easier than ever

Maintain all your contacts, tasks and related notes in one place – centrally and clearly. With bexio, your employees are always up to date with each other and work together more transparently. No more need for complex and error-prone transfer, e.g. from Excel spreadsheets. You always know which team member created the contact and who made changes when.

Increase operating success

Keep the entire customer lifecycle in sight – from quotation through the order and the invoice. You'll always know whether e.g. a customer still needs to pay outstanding invoices. Increase your chances of success by re-contacting customers for whom open quotes exist. bexio keeps each customer's finances in view and maintains all created documents with the appropriate status in a central location.

Provide outstanding customer service

Reach the right customers with the right information at the right time. With bexio you can easily categorize your contacts and create notes. In addition, you can create relevant newsletter campaigns targeted to specific customer segments so that your customers receive information relevant to them – which translates into excellent customer service. Thanks to the "MailChimp" add-on, you can easily design emails and import contacts from bexio directly into the newsletter tool.

Included accounting features

Bexio is more than just CRM software. bexio is comprehensive and intuitive business software. As a result, you can integrate your CRM directly with accounting. With the "Service" package, as a service provider you can e.g. create projects, set hourly rates per customer, record your time directly in bexio and automatically generate invoices. As a distributor, the "Trade" package keeps you continuously aware of all expenses and supplier invoices, which also flow directly to accounting. Of course, you always have a clear overview listing of all business transactions per customer and have them in sight. Furthermore, you can conveniently integrate your e-banking with bexio.

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bexio is comprehensive and intuitive business software specially tailored to the needs of small businesses:

This makes bexio more than just CRM software - in addition to the CRM functions relevant for small businesses and self-employed persons, bexio also gives you an overview of all important business transactions at your company - from order processing to accounting. All starting at just CHF 29 per month.

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