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bexio on the go: use the bexio Go mobile app to quickly and easily scan and automatically post QR invoices and receipts. What's more, bexio Go allows you to record times, view invoices and manage contacts on the go. Download it for free for iOS and Android now!


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Use the free bexio Go mobile app to record times on the go, scan and automatically post QR invoices and receipts, manage contacts and view invoices – directly from your smartphone. Download for free now:

Scan2Go: our bexio AI takes the work off your hands

Thanks to AI-controlled read-out, you can automatically process supporting documents and receipts without a QR code.

  • You can also use bexio Go to process supporting documents and receipts without a QR code, like receipts for fuel and expenses. Scan them in and create a supplier invoice or disbursement directly in the mobile app.
  • Our AI will automatically suggest information such as date, amount and tax rate.
  • After you have checked this information, you can enter the outlay in your bexio account in just one click.
  • With each document that gets read out, our intelligent extraction solution learns and delivers better and better data.

*Automatic receipt-reading for 5–50 extractions per month is included, depending on the package. More information about allowances.

Process QR invoices and other documents

You can scan, upload and process unlimited QR invoices and documents with bexio Go.

  • For each QR invoice uploaded, a supplier invoice with all the relevant content is automatically created.
  • Other documents, such as contracts or business cards, etc., can also be uploaded directly to bexio using your smartphone camera.
  • You can easily assign and post the uploaded documents to the correct bookkeeping account, or attach them to existing documents and contacts.

Mobile time-tracking on the go (for Pro & Pro+)

Easily and efficiently track project and task times on the go (included in the Pro and Pro+ packages).

  • Enter stopwatch times, continuing durations or from-until times on your smartphone.
  • These times will automatically be synchronised with bexio.
  • Later, you can analyse the time entered in projects on the computer and then settle it.

Contact management in your trouser pocket

Manage your contacts quickly and easily on the go.

  • With bexio Go, you have all your up-to-date contacts with you at all times and can edit them or create new contacts.
  • You can get in touch with your contacts directly from the bexio Go app via phone call, email or SMS.
  • You can also request additional information, such as location, website, comments, etc., to save yourself time-consuming searches online.

View invoices from anywhere

You can view or check your invoices on the go at any time.

  • Use bexio Go to check the status of your invoices directly on your smartphone at any time.
  • Simply use the text search to find the invoice you're looking for based on the title, amount, number, or the contact you're looking for.
  • What's more, all invoices can be filtered by individual status, such as 'draft', 'offer' or 'paid'.

Recommend bexio 'on the go' Recommend bexio to a friend or acquaintance directly from bexio Go: whether on the move or at an event – directly from your smartphone.

Download bexio Go now for free for iPhone and Android.

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