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Creating and filling out payment slips doesn’t have to be tedious and time-consuming. With a cost-effective business software solution for SMEs and start-ups such as bexio, invoices with payment slips can be created online - quickly and easily. Print your invoices with the corresponding payment slips, or simply send them by e-mail.

More good reasons to create your payment slips online can be found below.

* Important: Payment slips have been replaced with QR invoices. bexio software allows you to create QR invoices automatically with ease.. The most important facts about QR invoices.

How to generate swiss payment slips faster and easier with software

There are several different ways of producing orange payment slips with reference numbers (ESRs):

  • Using printed payment slips that are partially completed such as the ones supplied by your bank or by Postfinance
  • Payment slip templates that need to be completed manually
  • Payment slips that are automatically generated by your invoicing software, which you can either print and send by post or simply send online as a PDF.

The most important information on a payment slip is the reference number

Regardless of whether a payment slip is pre-printed, created from a template or produced by yourself, the most important information that it contains is surely the reference number.

The 27-digit reference number must either be written in manually, or automatically generated by your accounting software so that it appears on the payment slip.

As soon as the payment is received in your Postfinance or bank account, you will see the following information:

  • The reference number of the payment slip
  • The date that the payment was credited to your account
  • The amount that was credited to your account

You will NOT see the name of the person or company that made the payment. Regardless of whether the payment slip was pre-printed or created by yourself, the name can only be determined by means of the reference number!

The greatest advantage of using accounting software is clear – it allows you to automatically cross-reference names and reference numbers that would otherwise need to be laboriously matched by hand from your records. You can always see at a glance which invoices have already been paid and which invoices are still open.

The following tasks are performed automatically for you by the accounting software:

The automatic allocation of a reference number to the ESR payment slip

The reference numbers of pre-printed orange payment slips are arranged in ascending order.

Since banks only provide the reference number and not the name of the person or company who made the payment, if you are using pre-printed payment slips, it is enormously important to maintain a list (in an Excel spreadsheet. for example) of names and the corresponding 27-digit reference numbers, so that when payments are received, you know by whom they were made.

If you create your invoices with accounting software, manual processing is unnecessary: reference numbers are allocated automatically, which also allows reconcilations to be performed automatically, and avoids the possibility of typos or oversights.

Automatic reconciliation of open invoices

Business software like bexio allows reference numbers and amounts received to be reconciled effortlessly; it is no longer necessary to perform time-consuming manual reconciliations between your records and your bank transactions.

If a credit matches the amount invoiced, it is booked as a payment received. The invoice status automatically changes to "Paid". If a customer pays too much, bexio automatically credits the customer's account.

Payment slip orange filled out by bexio example
A payment slip that was generated with bexio.

Simple and fast creation of invoices with payment slip

Generating invoices with payment slips by means of an accounting program is easy and fast, particularly if you usually expend a great deal of time and effort on creating them manually. The invoices generated by the program can be printed and sent by post, or issued online by e-mail.

Automatic debitor control

Which invoices have been paid, and which payments are still open? Accounting software allows debitor accounts to be reconciled automatically when the appropriate amount is received, so you always know which invoices have been paid without checking manually.

No extra work if reminders are required

If an invoice isn't paid on time, it may be necessary to send out a reminder with another payment slip. If you use pre-printed payment slips, you now need to record two different reference numbers manually in order to ensure faultless reconcilation. Accounting software can help you here as well, by generating a reminder and payment slip that would otherwise have to be created laboriously by hand, and by performing the ensuing reconciliation between the credit received and the open invoice.

The advantages at a glance: Generating invoices with software

  • Creating payment slips is easy: No need to fill out slips manually; they are generated almost completely automatically
  • Invoices with payment slips can be created online with ease and then printed out or sent by e-mail as PDFs
  • Reference numbers must no longer be recorded manually with the appropriate names and amounts, since they are automatically allocated and stored by the software
  • It's easy to see which invoices have been paid and which invoices are still open
  • When invoices are paid, the appropriate debitor accounts are reconciled automatically
  • Open invoices can be paid automatically via online banking

How to fill in your orange or red payment slip

The following fields must be filled out on the orange (ESR) payment slip:

  • Konto: Payee account number
  • Betrag: Amount payable
  • Referenznummer: 27-digit reference number. The spaces that do not contain any information are filled with zeros.
  • Einbezahlt von: Name and addresse of the customer
  • Einzahlung für: Name and address of the payee

N.B.: If you create your ESR payment slips with bexio, the fields above are filled out automatically.

The following fields must be filled out on the red (ES) payment slip:

  • Konto: Payee account number
  • Betrag: Amount payable
  • Kommentar/Zahlungszweck: Comment / Reason for payment (optional)
  • Einbezahlt von: Name and addresse of the customer
  • Einzahlung für: Name and address of the payee

N.B.: If you create your red payment slips with bexio, some of the fields above are filled out automatically.

Filling out payment slip templates online automatically with bexio

Computer screen with invoice bill orange company logo

bexio allows you to create and complete your payment slips (almost) automatically. Data such as your address, the reference number and the code line are filled out completely automatically by bexio and shown on the payment slip, thus saving you valuable time!

Just 3 simple steps and bexio is ready to go:

  1. Create account
  2. Complete company details
  3. Finalize setup

As soon as you have set up your account, you will be able to generate payment slips with just a few clicks, whenever you like.

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