Administration made easy – with the right software for cleaning companies

Benefit from bexio's simple and automated business software with your cleaning company.

Hello serious and simple quotations

Discover bexio's practical functions and how it can facilitate your cleaning company's accounting and administration. More time for your customers, your quotes and invoices, scheduling and what you really like doing.

Online time tracking without effort

With the integrated online time tracking system, you and your employees can keep track of times in an overseeable software. You can then easily offset the times against the corresponding orders and convince your customers with transparency and reliability.

From the offer to the invoice

Benefit from digital offer system and send offers and invoices quickly and individually by email. Your customer will be convinced by simple, digital processing and you will gain credibility and trust through personalised documents.

Payroll accounting simple and hassle-free

Pay wages easily or post them by bank transfer in a few steps without additional balancing – bexio makes this possible. Month after month you save not only valuable time, but also nerves. bexio is of course Swissdec-certified.

Statement Mootes GmbH

Daniel Peyer

Mootes GmbH

We searched for a long time before coming across bexio but once we did, we had what became for us the perfect solution. The price/performance ratio is unbeatable. With bexio, we have our financial numbers under control. Our bookkeeping has become child's play. And if we get stuck, the extremely friendly Support Team almost always finds a solution. Thanks to the API, an online shop can miraculously tap in which makes our processes even more efficient.

Business software for the cleaning industry

Learn how to efficiently and digitally manage the administration and accounting of your cleaning company with the right software.

Bye-bye to waste of time – hello free time

  • Bookkeeping anytime and anywhere – with your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Upload receipts directly to bexio on the go and enter them into your bookkeeping system.
  • You can always see how successful your business is running thanks to the overseeable dashboard.
  • Work with fewer errors due to automated processes.
  • Easier collaboration with your trustee.

Learn more about bexio accounting

Your customer contacts and suppliers consolidated in CRM

  • Have the contact details of customers and suppliers of your cleaning company always at hand, in a reliable and organised fashion.
  • Integrated contact management for a perfect overview.
  • Individual categories and notes help you in consolidating your customer and supplier relationships.
  • Internal contact persons can be defined per category.

Learn more about bexio's contact management system

Record working hours quickly and easily

  • Integrated time tracking to record working hours easily.
  • Easily allocate times to projects and import them directly into invoices.
  • Individual hourly rates can be stored per project.
  • Perfect project planning thanks to optimised time allocation.

Learn more about time tracking

Professional quotations with a click of the mouse

  • Send orders and invoices to your customers and suppliers with professional and individual designs.
  • Send invoices faster and get paid faster.
  • You can create offers in seconds and easily send them by email.
  • Analytic functions help you evaluate your business activities.

Learn more about quotations in bexio

Manage your employees' wages in minutes

  • Integrated payroll accounting for monthly settlements.
  • Including the "uniform wage reporting procedure" (ELM).
  • Automatic calculation of social security contributions.
  • Selection of different types of wages (hourly wage, withholding tax information, expenses, etc.).

Learn more about bexio's payroll accounting system

Squadra – the intuitive app for shift planning, time tracking and work time management

As a cleaner or someone who has their own cleaning company, you depend on reliable software. With the numerous apps that the Marketplace has to offer, you can expand the functionality of your bexio account individually. Often the scheduling of your employees requires a lot of effort and energy. With the Squadra app, you can digitise and automate the manual and time-consuming tasks of planning and managing your employees. Squadra helps you double the efficiency of employee planning and management and saves you from having to keep manual lists and tedious requests for availability.

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The daily work routine of cleaning companies

For you as the owner of a cleaning company, it is important to be able to carry out scheduling simply and efficiently, and to be able to charge your customers for the hours worked without great effort and without losing time. With the bexio business software, you can do that. The almost numerous and completely automated processes supports you in your daily work routine.
This gives you more time for what you really like doing.

Pia Gygax klare Vorteile von bexio

  • Ordnung in meiner Kundenkartei.
  • Meine Mitarbeiterinnen haben jederzeit Zugriff auf die Reinigungspläne der Kunden: Ein kurzer Griff aufs Handy, bexio Go öffnen und direkt Zugriff auf die spezifischen Wünsche der Kunden haben.
  • Optimale Zeiterfassung: Kurz und schnell kann die Arbeitszeit auf verschiedene Arten erfasst und zusätzliche Anmerkungen hinterlegt werden.
  • Optimierte firmeninterne Abläufe (z. B. Lohnabrechnung mit einem «Knopfdruck» an die jeweiligen Behörden

Mehr über Pia's Power Reinigung

Pia's Power Reinigung besteht seit September 2017 aus einer aufgestellten, motivierten und verantwortungsbewussten Truppe welche aus lauter Italienerinnen besteht (ausser mir). Wir sind pflichtbewusst und handeln immer im Interesse der Firma. Unsere Angebotspalette umfasst Reinigungen aller Art, sei es für private Haushalte, wie auch gewerbliche Räumlichkeiten, wöchentlich, alle 2 Wochen oder einmalig. Fenster, Storen, Endreinigungen nach Umzug, Baureinigungen oder einfach einen Frühlingsputz wir scheuen vor nichts zurück. Ich biete massgeschneiderte, professionelle und zuverlässige Lösungen auf vertraulicher Basis an. Reinigung, Sauberkeit und Ordnung – unsere Leidenschaft.

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FAQ: Questions and answers about bexio

How do I create a good offer for my cleaning company?

A good offer is made in writing. It should be overseeable and easy to understand. In addition to the usual formalities, the offer should include all information and costs that you require for your cleaning services. This includes, for example, time limits, payment terms and other fees for extra services.

Can't I just create my invoices with Word or Excel?

Of course, you can also create your invoices with Word or Excel. However, creating invoices with Excel or Word is much more time-consuming than with suitable software that helps you keep track of things and even fully automates numerous work steps. For example, you can link your e-banking with bexio to compare invoices expeditiously. Mandatory information is automatically added to your invoice and the VAT is calculated correctly – this not only saves you time and nerves, but also minimises any susceptibility to errors.

What are the advantages of business software for my cleaning company?

Business software such as bexio allows you to work from any location and from any device altogether. You and your employees can enter your working hours into the software directly after a cleaning order. In addition, you can send quotes for new customer orders quickly and professionally – with your individual design. Thanks to automated dunning, you will be paid faster and can keep an eye on your business at all times.

What does 30-day free trial mean?

You can try out bexio with the full range of functions for 30 days free of charge, without any obligation and without needing a credit card. No downloading or installation are required. Ready to start in just a few steps. Once the 30 days are up, your trial account will automatically be deactivated, without you needing to cancel it.

Can I get help setting up my account?

Whether you are using business software for the first time or switching from another software – we will guide you and we will be happy to help you at any time, free of charge. In the support area, you will find helpful tips and tricks. Whenever you are lost, please contact us. We can offer various setup services should you need setup assistance.

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