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Create business quotes and offers quickly and easily

Create the perfect offers. Thanks to templates & data import, you (almost) automatically create business quotes with bexio.

The quotation process is one of the hallmarks of your company. Therefore, a well-structured offer is very important for your procurement. Here, we will show how you can quickly create the perfect offer (with examples). Would you like to write offers even more easily, and speed up the process? Simply make use of the bexio business software to create offers in just a few clicks, thanks to templates and data import. Your invoicing process after a successful assignment is simplified: Using the offer, you create the invoice with just a few clicks.

Advantages of creating business quotes with bexio

Create business quotes quickly with our template

If you work with bexio, all the necessary information for the creation of your offers and quotes will be generated automatically, in your chosen design. So, you don't even need to think about it.

Contacts for offers or quotations, orders, and invoices

Quotes, as well as orders or invoices, are created quickly and easily with bexio: your clients' addresses are automatically imported from the address book containing all your contacts.

Send via e-mail

Send your quotes and offers directly via e-mail from bexio. Alternatively, you can print and send your offers by post.

Create quotes wherever you are

The bexio business software is completely web-based: you can access your data anywhere, anytime and continue working. In this way, you can use your time productively, even in waiting rooms.


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With bexio we have found a Swiss business software that relieves our finance management with its automated accounting and at the same time convinces with a top service.

More information on the quotation process

Would you like more information on the quotation process? Here you will find examples, samples, and tips for your requirements and the information given:

What the quotation process and order processing have in common

From a commercial point of view, a quote is part of the procurement process in the sales process. Usually, a quote is preceded by a request from a potential customer, to which the quote is a response. As a seller or service provider, you determine your specifications when you write the quotation or offer; the conditions under which you are prepared to deliver the requested goods or services. The quotation process, therefore, is seen, as part of the order process.

You have completed the order? In bexio you can create the invoice from the offer or quote directly, through the push of a button.

Usually, offers are submitted in writing and then sent either by email or via post. However, the submission of an offer may also be informal, for example, orally or by telephone. In essence, a quote is therefore a proposal to a contract. With a quote or offer, the service provider, for example, an artisan, agrees to execute the work, according to the set terms and conditions.

How binding is a quote?

A quote is binding: if the customer accepts the quote, whether in writing or verbally, a binding contract is concluded. The Swiss Code of Obligations states that "the agent must carry out the business or services assigned to him in accordance with the contract" (OR, art. 394).

With bexio, you set the conditions directly and send it out directly via e-mail, from bexio. Recipients can comment on your quote online, and accept or reject it directly. This is a huge simplification. Alternatively, you can also print the documents and conveniently send them via post.

In all cases, it's important that the offer is well-structured and clearly formulated , to avoid misunderstandings. Here bexio is of great help: thanks to the program, all information is cleary included. You can also specify directly whether the given prices are VAT-inclusive or exclusive.

How do I write a good quote?

A good quote is made in writing. It should be clear and easy to understand. In addition to the usual formalities, the quote should contain all information and costs relating to the sale of the product or the provision of the service. This includes, for example, time limits, payment terms and other fees.

Is there a charge for a quote?

First of all, it is important to note that a quotation process is not free of charge for the interested parties, unless otherwise agreed. But usually, it is simply an invitation for the conclusion of a contract.

Further, your prices must be consistent and reliable. Always quote exact prices in your offers (incl. Value-added tax). Should you, however, not be able to set a final price estimate (because, for example, the extent of the work is not yet clear), specify that it is a non-binding cost estimate.

Please note that granting discounts or rebates are not required by law. But it may encourage the customer to pay the invoice amount faster (especially in the case of discount), which has a positive effect on your liquidity. Ensure that you include these conditions in your offers and quotes.

What must be included in a quote?

The following information must be included in a quote:

  • Name and address of the service provider
  • Name and address of the party receiving the services
  • Date or period of validity
  • Detailed prices, costs, and quantities
  • Payment conditions (E.g. part payment or total payment)
  • Applicable tax rate (for example, incl. 8% VAT)
  • Information on discounts and rebates
  • Reference to General Terms and Conditions (T's&C's), if any.

Write your offers with a business software, such as bexio, which contains all the information automatically. Text modules save manual work. Curious? Try bexio free for 30 days.

Use our template

If you use business software like bexio to produce your quotes, all the important information is automatically inserted into the template. Stored address details and products can be imported with a single click. Text modules save even more manual work. By the way: bexio is suitable for all industries – regardless of whether you are a service provider, a carpenter, a painter or a tradesman. Another advantage: since bexio software is in the cloud, quotes can also be created on the go. Does that sound good? Try it out for yourself!

If the invoice amount is higher than the offer

It's always possible that a particular order requires more work than initially assumed. In such a case, it is essential to inform the customer immediately, even before the work is performed, so that the requisite permission can be obtained. Otherwise, it a higher invoice may not be accepted and could lead to court procedures.

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Streamlined quotation processes, thanks to Swiss business software.

bexio, the business software for small businesses, with templates for easy, effortless creation of offers and quotes. With bexio you don't need to worry, because all the necessary information is automatically included in your created quotes and offers . Sending them is also simple: Send your offers via post, or, alternatively, directly via e-mail. In this way, your recipients can comment on your quote online and accept or reject it directly. Convince yourself: Test bexio now for 30 days, free of charge, and save time and money.

Create business quotes with ease and comfort? No problem.

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