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bexio Go mobile app – the solution for on the go

Scan2Go: scan QR invoices and receipts quickly and easily with your smartphone and process them automatically. What's more, bexio Go allows you to record times, view invoices and manage contacts on the go.

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Download bexio Go for iOS and Android free of charge

You can now also use bexio on the go – with the bexio Go app for your smartphone. bexio Go enables you to:

  • Scan2Go: Scan documents and receipts and post them directly using AI, saving valuable time.
  • Scan QR invoices and create supplier invoices automatically.
  • Access, edit and manage contacts in bexio on the go.
  • Track time spent working on projects and tasks (with Pro & Pro+ packages).
  • Recommend bexio "on the go"

Download bexio Go for free in the App Store or Google Play Store now.

(Important: You will need a bexio account to use bexio Go – test for free now)

Statement Routinuum GmbH

Roman Tobler

Co-Managing Director & Owner, Routinuum GmbH

The sophisticated functionalities of bexio support our administrative processes significantly. This eliminates many time-consuming work steps. Our core business revolves around the digitalization and automation of recurring processes and activities. With the help of the extensive and extremely well documented bexio API, our internal (repetitive) tasks can also be fully automated.

The bexio Go features at a glance

In addition to document scanning using our AI-supported posting, bexio Go offers many other valuable advantages. With bexio Go, you can manage your contacts at any time, view your invoices from anywhere, and read out an unlimited number of QR invoices.

EN 01 scan receipts documents bexio Goapp

Our intelligent document read-out does the work for you

Thanks to AI-controlled read-out, you can automatically process supporting documents and receipts without a QR code

  • You can also use bexio Go to process invoices and receipts without a QR code, like receipts for fuel or expenses. Scan them in and create a supplier invoice or disbursement directly in the mobile app.
  • Our intelligent document read-out automatically suggests information such as date, amount and tax rate.
  • After you have checked this information, you can post the expense in your bexio account in just one click.
  • With each document that gets read out, our intelligent extraction solution learns and delivers better and better data.

* Intelligent document read-out for 5–50 extractions per month is included, depending on the package. More information about allowances.

EN 02 bexio Go scanner use ai for your business

Process QR invoices and other documents

You can scan, upload and process unlimited QR invoices with bexio Go.

  • For each QR invoice uploaded, a supplier invoice with all the relevant content is automatically created.
  • Other documents, such as contracts or business cards, etc., can also be uploaded directly to bexio using your smartphone camera.
  • You can easily assign and post the uploaded documents to the correct bookkeeping account, or attach them to existing documents and contacts.
EN 03bexio Go mobile time tracking on the go

Mobile time-tracking on the go (for Pro & Pro+)

Track time spent on projects and tasks easily and efficiently on the go (included in the Pro and Pro+ packages).

  • Enter stopwatch times, ongoing durations or from–until times on your smartphone.
  • These times will automatically be synchronised with bexio.
  • Later, you can analyse the time entered in projects on the computer and then settle it.
EN 04contact managment for your pocket

Contact management in your trouser pocket

Manage your contacts quickly and easily on the go.

  • With bexio Go, you have all your up-to-date contacts with you at all times and can edit them or create new contacts.
  • You can get thus in touch with your contacts directly from the bexio Go app via phone call, email or SMS.
  • You can also request additional information, such as location, website, comments, etc., to save yourself time-consuming searches online.
EN 05bexio Go scanner use ai for your business

View invoices from anywhere

You can view or check your invoices on the go at any time.

  • Use bexio Go to check the status of your invoices directly on your smartphone at any time.
  • Simply use the text search to find the invoice you're looking for based on the title, amount, number, or the contact you're looking for.
  • What's more, all invoices can be filtered by individual status, such as "draft", "offer" or "paid".

Questions and answers about intelligent document read-out (FAQ)

What if I have used up my allowance for intelligent document read-out?

Intelligent document read-out for 5–50 extractions per month is included, depending on the package. After your allowance has been used up, you can continue to scan in unlimited receipts and create unlimited supplier invoices and expenses. The data must then be entered manually. However, you can also upgrade to a higher package to purchase more extractions for automatic read-out of receipts and documents: More information about the allowances.

Why does the intelligent document read-out sometimes not recognise any information?

The system in the background is intelligent and "learns" from previous expenses and supplier invoices for specific contacts. It thus keeps getting better and better over time. Heavily crumpled receipts may be difficult for our system to read.

Does intelligent document read-out also work in the web application?

Currently, only QR invoices can be read automatically in the bexio web application. So far, other receipts and supporting documents can only be read automatically in the "bexio Go" mobile app. You can, of course, process receipts and supporting documents manually in the web application; i.e., you enter all the information manually in a supplier invoice or expense.

How can I enter a receipt with multiple VAT rates?

This function is not available for expenses. You can enter multiple VAT rates by creating a supplier invoice in the web application. (Only supplier invoices with one VAT rate can be entered in bexio Go).

Can I read out credit card bills automatically with bexio?

This function is currently not yet available. If you want to automatically read credit card receipts, we recommend our marketplace app Kontera.

What do I do when my allowance is used up?

You can upgrade to a higher package to purchase more extractions for automatic read-out of receipts and documents: More information about the allowances. Alternatively, you can continue to scan in unlimited receipts and enter data manually. Please note that unlimited automatic read-out for QR invoices is included.

For bexio Go, you will need a bexio account

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