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Automated invoice processing with intelligent document recognition, extended approval workflow and audit-compliant invoice archive (GebüV). Also for credit card invoices with recognition, booking and allocation of individual receipts.

More about Triboni

Triboni has been developing business software and input/output, workflow, and ECM solutions for customers in a wide range of business sectors for 20 years. Our products are developed in Switzerland and are available in a Swiss cloud and on-premises for companies of all sizes.

Effortless import

Import invoices/expenses/credit card statements conveniently from the scanner, mobile with bexio Go or via drag & drop into Triboni for bexio. Supplier invoices are received directly via the central mailbox.

Intelligent recognition and OCR

During import, Triboni for bexio automatically recognises invoice details and learns so that future invoices from a supplier are automatically recognised and read. Automatic recognition of new suppliers on the first imported invoice and automatic contact creation in bexio.

Extended approval workflow

The workflow can be extended with one or two additional approvers (with account assignment option) if required.

Review and upload with one click

Upload the invoice to bexio and release for payment with just one click.

Audit-proof archiving

In the Triboni invoice archive, receipts are archived in accordance with the regulatory requirements (GeBüV).

Processing of credit card settlements

Credit card statements can be conveniently processed, posted and the associated individual receipts assigned.

Advantages of the Triboni solution

  • Automated invoice receipt via mailbox or direct scanner connection
  • Significant increase in efficiency through intelligent recognition of invoice data
  • Audit-compliant archiving (GeBüV) creates security and quick retrieval of documents
  • Extended approval workflow also allows for more complex processes
  • Efficient processing of credit card statements and related expenses
  • No limitation of users and document quantities
  • Special version available for fiduciaries or companies with multiple bexio instances
More informations
Triboni AG,
Pilatusstrasse 2,
8032 Zürich
Available languages
DE / FR / EN
10. Aug 2023

Prices Free Trial available

CHF 39.– /month
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Annual subscription
  • Unlimited users and document volumes
CHF 39.– /month (1st client)
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Annual subscription
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited document volumes
  • Additional features for fiduciaries
CHF 15.– /month (per client 2-10)
  • Annual subscription
  • Unlimited users and document volumes
  • More discounts from the 11th client

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