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Incoming invoices and receipts can be received via e-mail, the bexio Go mobile app and from a scanner. These are automatically recognized, uploaded to bexio and archived in a certified GeBüV archive in a CH cloud.

More about Triboni

Triboni is a Swiss software company specialized in digitization, workflow and archiving. The products are developed and hosted in Switzerland since 2003. Triboni customers are large enterprises, public administrations and SMEs in various industries.


  1. Invoices are received via Triboni e-mailbox directly from the supplier or a scanner. Additionally, invoices or expenses can be scanned via bexio Go app or uploaded via drag-and-drop.
  2. Invoices are recognized with OCR and Machine Learning and loaded into Triboni work list.
  3. User opens worklist and controls recognition. First-time invoices require manual data entry.
  4. At the push of a button the invoice is loaded in bexio and is approved for payment or can be completed in bexio.
  5. As soon as the invoice is paid, the original invoice is archived in Triboni according to GeBüV.
  6. The archived documents can be accessed with the Triboni Archive App and can also be downloaded from there.
  7. As an option invoices or receipts can be approved by the manager before they can be uploaded by the fiduciary.
  8. Invoice document backlog can be attached to already existing transactions in bexio.
  9. Special version for Fiduciaries to manage client invoices and expenses more easily.

Advantages of the Triboni solution

  • Invoice mailbox for incoming invoices allows B2B
  • Automatic recognition of invoice data saves time
  • Certified GeBüV Archive allows destruction of paper documents
  • Approval process to maintain control over finances
  • Unlimited documents can be processed and archived
More informations
Triboni AG,
Pilatusstrasse 2,
8032 Zürich
Available languages
DE / FR / EN
20. Oct 2020

Prices Free Trial available

CHF 39.– /month
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Annual subscription
  • No document or user limitation
CHF 39.– /month (1st client)
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Annual subscription
  • No document or user limitation
  • Volume discount for clients