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2getHR complements bexio in the complete digitalisation of HR processes:

  • Expenses management
  • Time Tracking
  • Vacation management
  • Employee interviews

More about 2getHR

Where bexio leaves off, 2getHR picks up. We help you put your HR department on the digital path. Thanks to the digitalisation of recurring HR administration work, you will not only become more efficient, but also faster and more environmentally friendly. We give you more time for the really important HR issues.

How the interface between 2getHR and bexio works

With the end-to-end integration of bexio with 2getHR, your employees can log into 2getHR with their bexio account. Changes to absences, expenses, time recording and much more are automatically synchronised from 2getHR to bexio.

Reasons that speak for bexio and 2getHR

  • Thanks to the combination of bexio and 2getHR, your company will soon be completely digital.
  • 2getHR gives you time to take care of the really important HR issues.
  • Surprise your employees with a modern HR app.
  • 2getHR is an app with a lot of functions: Employee dossier, expense management, absence and holiday management, employee appraisal, digital dispatch of pay slips.
More informations
2BIT GmbH,
Hochbordstrasse 9,
8600 Dübendorf
Available languages
DE / EN / FR
20. Apr 2021

Prices Free Trial available

CHF 29.90 /month
  • Unlimited access to all functionalities
  • Support via online portal
  • 1- 5 employees inclusive
  • Each additional employee costs CHF 3.90 /month
30 days free trial of all features, from 100 employees: "Enterprise" Package incl. company-specific further development and accompaniment and support by 2BIT on request.

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