Qlerqs – AccountingRobot

Would you like to book your invoices easily and release them for payment? The accounting robot automatically reads, records and assigns an account to your invoice in bexio, so you only have to check and approve it.

More about Qlerqs – AccountingRobot

More about the AccountingRobot from Qlerqs

The AccountingRobot automates your manual and time-consuming tasks, ensuring efficient processes. Our intelligent and reliable software is based on world-leading technology that can be easily integrated into any environment.

How does the AccountingRobot from Qlerqs work?

Thanks to its modern technology, the AccountingRobot works independently and autonomously in the background. The software regularly checks whether new invoices have been received in the bexio software. Once one is received: our tool reads your invoice.

  1. Identifies the data required for invoice processing
  2. Selects an existing supplier or create a new supplier
  3. Fills in the information in the corresponding bexio fields
  4. Records an item with the invoice text and amount for each VAT amount or, if requested by the customer, for each invoice item
  5. Books the invoice

You can then check the invoice in the bexio software, correct it if necessary and release it for payment.

What are the advantages of the accounting robot?

  1. No new interface
    Users do not have to operate the software in a separate interface.
  2. Faster processing
    It carries out the tasks assigned to it automatically and in the shortest possible time.
  3. More functionality
    Our solutions read and record your invoice down to the item level, assign them to accounts and record them for the final check.
  4. Customer-specific settings
    Do you have individual wishes? We would be happy to check your requirements and implement them if possible.
More informations
Qlerqs GmbH,
Freienbach SZ
Available languages
EN / DE / FR / IT
06. Apr 2022

Prices Free Trial available

CHF 12.– /month
  • 14 days free
  • 20 receipts per month included
  • Each additional receipt CHF 0.55
CHF 35.– /month
  • 14 days free
  • 100 receipts per month included
  • Each additional receipt CHF 0.45
  • Multi-tenant
CHF 79.– /month
  • 14 days free
  • 200 receipts per month included
  • Each additional receipt CHF 0.40
  • Multi-tenant
CHF 229.– /month
  • 14 days free
  • 1'000 receipts per month included
  • Each additional receipt CHF 0.35
  • Multi-tenant
Test the accounting robot 14 days free of charge!

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