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Kontera automates the posting of your supplier invoices, expenses and much more. Automatic reconciliation with credit card statements, CAMT, Revolut and other transaction sources. New: WhatsApp Inbox!

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Kontera is a unique solution for preparatory accounting, invoice processing and expense management, specifically designed to meet the needs of micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

Posting accounts payable and expenses can be so easy:

  1. Document input
    With Kontera, you get several ways to import your invoices and receipts. In addition to direct upload and a personalized Kontera email inbox, you also have access to your bexio inbox.

    For those who are often on the road or want to provide a simple upload to your employees, the Kontera WhatsApp Inbox is suitable, to which you can simply send a photo.

    For those who want to process a large number of invoices, Kontera's AI-assisted separation of batch scans can help and conveniently separate the invoices on screen.

    Import sources: Direct upload, email, WhatsApp, bexio Inbox (bexioGo App)

  2. Process, reconcile and pay
    Capture supplier invoices including payment instructions, as well as invoices and expenses that have already been paid. Kontera takes the tedious typing work off your hands, and reads out all the important data from your invoices.

    The more invoices that are processed, the better Kontera gets to know you and subsequently offers personalized and customizable posting proposals.

  3. Fully automated processing of credit card statements and other transaction data such as CAMT, Revolut Business or Wise
    Do you still receive your credit card statement by post or already as a digital PDF? Either way - simply upload the statement and Kontera will extract all transactions from it. Customers of Revolut Business and other neobanks have the option of uploading the CSV of the transactions. Bank customers can upload the CAMT from their bank.

    Ideally, Kontera can automatically match an invoice with a transaction. Today, we already post 20% of all posted credit card receipts fully automatically!

    The following credit card statements as scanned paper document or pdf can be processed: Viseca, UBS, Swisscard AECS (Credit Suisse), Cembra, Cornerbank (Bonuscard, Libertycard) and more. Transaction import of: CAMT, CSV, Revolut Business, Wise, PayPal, Stripe, UBS Card Center, Swisscard AECS, Cornercard, Nexi and more.

  4. Release and transfer to bexio
    If you want to work with the dual control principle, you can use the release process and have the invoices explicitly visualized - or involve your accountant and ensure that everything is posted to the correct accounts.

    Finally, the invoices can be transferred back into bexio as supplier invoices or manual entries.

    With Kontera AI, you can process your accounts payable and expenses in record time. Invoices can be imported in a wide variety of ways and, if wished, reconciled with a wide range of transaction data. Thanks to our integration, all receipts are perfectly prepared for you in bexio.

Try it now: Kontera is ready to go in 3 minutes and can bemused free of charge for 14 days!

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09. Mar 2021

Prices Free Trial available

CHF 9.80 /month (instead of CHF 14.– /month)
  • 30% discount during 3 months: Code BEXIO30
  • Best choice for startups
  • 20 invoices per month inclusive
  • Only CHF 0,55 per additional invoice
CHF 27.30 /month (instead of CHF 39.– /month)
  • 30% discount during 3 months: Code BEXIO30
  • Most popular
  • 100 invoices per month inclusive
  • Only CHF 0,45 per additional invoice
CHF 69.30 /month (instead of CHF 99.– /month)
  • 30% discount during 3 months: Code BEXIO30
  • Best choice for big volumes
  • 300 invoices per month inclusive
  • Only CHF 0,40 per additional invoice
Free 14-day trial with 20 invoices. Can be cancelled monthly. No changes in bexio necessary.

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