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Automated bookkeeping - Kontera reads your invoices, receipts and credit card statements and learns, how you post them. Post invoices and receipts in seconds!

More about Kontera

Are you tired of posting the same receipts to the same accounts over and over again?

Accounts payable in fast
Kontera's artificial intelligence is trained to extract all information about suppliers, amounts, dates and much more from all kinds of documents (receipts, invoices with deposit slips, QR invoices, invoices from foreign SaaS providers, ...) - so you don't have to. Once posted, Kontera automatically pre-accounts - saving you a lot of time.

Post credit card statements effortlessly
Kontera extracts all transactions from credit card statements. Once extracted, you always have an overview of what still needs to be posted. In addition, Kontera helps to automatically match receipts with the corresponding transaction. Even booking out items without a receipt is done in two clicks - saving you a lot of time.

No changes necessary in bexio
Nothing needs to be changed in bexio. You can continue to use the bexio Scanner app - Kontera imports your receipts from the bexio inbox.

User-friendly, modern and intuitive
We have been developing software for businesses for over 10 years and know how important it is to have a clear and intuitive application.

About Kontera
To save time with its own accounting, Kontera has automated its own processes.

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Kontera GmbH,
4802 Strengelbach
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09. Mar 2021

Prices Free Trial available

CHF 14.– /month
  • Best choice for startups
  • 20 invoices per month inclusive
  • Only CHF 0,55 per additional invoice
CHF 39.– /month
  • Most popular
  • 100 invoices per month inclusive
  • Only CHF 0,45 per additional invoice
CHF 99.– /month
  • Best choice for big volumes
  • 300 invoices per month inclusive
  • Only CHF 0,40 per additional invoice
Free 14-day trial with 20 invoices. Can be cancelled monthly. No changes in bexio necessary.