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CSV Importer – for credit card / Revolut

Automatically account and post over 100 credit card/Revolut transactions within 5 minutes? Accrio's CSV Importer makes it possible – save time, money and nerves.

More about Accrio – CSV Importer

Over 100 transactions in under 5 minutes – get up-to-date financial data faster: With Accrio's CSV Importer, you can quickly and easily assign transaction data in CSV file format and post it in bexio.

It's as simple as this

  1. Create a free Accrio account & activate the module (FREE plan is free for an unlimited time)
  2. Import a CSV file and define your transaction rules
  3. Send all transactions with a matching transaction rule to bexio
  4. Transactions without rules: Create a new rule, assign an account manually, ignore them or send them to bexio with a fallback account: e.g. Account no. 1099 «bookings to clarify»
  5. Done!

The next time you import a CSV file all transactions with a matching transaction rule can be sent with one click.

Test free of charge with all bexio packages

You can test all functions free of charge and without a credit card: Simply create a user account and activate the FREE plan (unlimited time free of charge). Compatible with all bexio packages.

Functions in detail

1. Import transactions from CSV files (Revolut, credit cards or generic CSV files)

  • Revolut: Revolut account statement (CSV file)
  • Credit card: Any credit card transactions with amount in one column (positive/negative) or amount in two columns (debit/credit)
  • Generic CSV file: Any transaction list with at least four columns for: Date, posting text, currency and amount

2. Automated (rule-based) account assignment

  • Modify booking text: Replace text, append, prepend
  • Assign debit/credit accounts
  • Assign VAT code
  • Assign accounting period (compatible with Accrio module «Accruals»)
  • Book account transaction fees separately (e.g. for Revolut account statements)
  • Ignore booking/manual account assignment without rule

3. Send to bexio

  • Send transactions directly to bexio

4. For every company size

  • Affordable: packages for small companies with less than 60 transactions per year available


  • In Accrio, you have access to your journal entries, chart of accounts, currencies and tax types from bexio
  • In bexio you get the automatic and manual accrual entries from Accrio
More informations
indlco gmbh,
Leumiweg 23,
CH-5235 Rüfenach AG
Available languages
DE / FR (beta) / EN
08. Jun 2022

Prices Free Trial available

Free of charge
  • 2 entries per year
  • Full functionality
CHF 2.– /month
  • 60 entries per year
  • Full functionality
  • Technical Support
CHF 3.– /month
  • 120 entries per year
  • Full functionality
  • Technical Support
From CHF 9.– /month

You can find more SME packages with more entries at

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