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Automate accruals for bexio – save time, money and nerves.

More about Accrio – accruals

With Accruals from Accrio you can calculate and book accruals for invoices and manual bookings with just a few clicks:

  • Expenses already paid (for following year): You pay a 2-year subscription in advance.
  • Revenue already received (for the following year): You already issue an invoice in December 2021 for the year 2022.
  • Expenses not yet paid: You receive and book a telephone bill for December 2021 in January 2022.
  • Revenue not yet received: You invoice in January 2022 for services you provided in December 2021

It's as simple as this

When entering a bill, you write the service period in square brackets in the bill title: e.g.. «Mobile phone subscription annual [04.2020-03.2021]». When closing the year, you can have Accruals calculate the accruals as of 31.12. and book the results directly in bexio (including chargeback as of 01.01.).

Examples of invoice titles with valid shortcode

  • Invoice membership fee [2020]
  • Room rent [01.2021]
  • Webhosting subscription 3 years [2020-2022]
  • Mobile phone subscription annual [04.2020-03.2021]

Test free of charge with all bexio packages

You can test all functions free of charge and without a credit card. Simply create a user account and get started. Compatible with all bexio packages.

Functions in detail

  • Automated linear accrual for invoices, supplier invoices and manual bookings
  • Subsequent modification of the automatic accrual calculation (exclude booking, change performance period, split booking amount non-linearly)
  • Enter manual accrual bookings (with/without automatic chargeback booking on the following day)
  • Exclude accounts from calculation (VAT accounts are excluded by default)
  • Preparation of accruals per key date (month)
  • Send bookings & chargebacks directly to bexio
  • Compatible with Accruals automatically recognises performance period from Kontera
  • Affordable: also packages for small companies with less than 24 entries per year


In Accrio, you have access to your journal entries, chart of accounts, currencies and tax types from bexio. In bexio you get the automatic and manual accrual entries from Accrio

More informations
indlco gmbh,
Leumiweg 23,
CH-5235 Rüfenach AG
Available languages
DE/FR (beta)/EN
27. Jul 2021

Prices Free Trial available

  • 2 entries per year
  • Full functionality
CHF 5.-/month
  • 24 entries per year
  • Full functionality
  • Technical Support
CHF 12.-/month
  • 60 entries per year
  • Full functionality
  • Technical Support
from CHF 22.-/month

You can find more SME packages with more entries at

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