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Save 3 hours every week

Thanks to the ability to store products, bank accounts and contacts, invoices virtually create themselves. This saves you time and stress when it comes to invoicing and makes the administration of your company easier.

Create QR invoices

In bexio, you can create invoices almost automatically – even with a QR code. Your invoices are paid with greater ease & processed faster. Automation not only saves valuable time, but also minimises the potential for errors.

Custom invoice template

Customise your invoice template in bexio – for a professional appearance in your corporate design. Upload your logo and letterhead and choose your preferred font.

Automatic reminders

Never wait long for payments again. Simply define a dunning run in bexio and sit back: bexio will send out friendly reminders if the payment deadline is not met – and this can be fully automated on request.

Bye-bye paperwork – the right invoice program for your invoices

Created almost automatically to save you time and stress

Create invoices (almost) automatically

With bexio, you can create professional invoices effortlessly and save valuable time that you can invest in a more meaningful way in your core business. Select the invoice recipient and import your stored products or services in just a few clicks. And you're done! bexio does the rest automatically – from inserting all the mandatory legal information to calculating the VAT. And it does all this in a truly simple and uncomplicated fashion.

Consecutive invoice numbers

With bexio, you avoid problems with invoice numbers – duplicate or incorrectly assigned invoice numbers are a thing of the past. A consecutive invoice number is automatically assigned by the system when the invoice is created according to the format you've defined, so your invoices will comply with legal requirements.

Send invoices in one click

Send your invoice directly from your bexio account by email. With our SMAILD integration, you can even send your invoice by post – and can arrange this conveniently online from your bexio account. No printing, no fiddling with envelopes – quickly and easily in just a few clicks. The eBill integration from io-market AG also enables electronic invoices to be sent as eBills.

Keep an eye on unpaid invoices

Do away with manual payment reconciliation: link bexio to your e-banking and immediately see which outgoing invoices have already been paid and which invoices are outstanding or overdue. QR invoices can even be reconciled automatically. This simplified reconciliation process saves bexio customers an average of 2.4 hours of typing – and that's every week.

Reminders are sent automatically

You decide when and how many reminders should be sent if payment deadlines are not met. bexio does the rest – fully automatically. bexio users have their invoices paid 26% faster on average!

Invoices with or without VAT

If you are a small business owner or freelancer with an annual turnover of less than CHF 100,000, then you are not obliged to levy VAT. In bexio, you specify just once whether you are liable for VAT or not – the software does the rest: your invoices will then be displayed without tax or with the selected tax amount.

Unleash your creativity

Customise your invoice templates according to your needs – it's all utterly simple and intuitive: upload your logo, choose your preferred font and colour palette, and use your own letterhead. Not ready for professional software yet? Then use our simple free invoice template for Word or Excel.

Bexio invoices on laptop and tablet DE

Create invoices online – anytime, anywhere

Access the software via any operating system, whether you work with Windows, Linux or Mac – bexio is available to you on all devices. No downloading or installation is required. Simply log in via any browser and you will be able to create your invoice online – whether at home, on the go or in the office.

All mandatory information on your invoice

When creating invoices, you need to make sure that they contain all the mandatory information. When you work with bexio, a large part of this mandatory information is automatically inserted for you – for example, the invoice number is generated easily as a consecutive number, master data such as your VAT identification number is included, and amounts such as the gross amount and tax amount are always calculated correctly.

A correct invoice must contain the following information:

  1. Invoice number
  2. Invoice date (usually the date of issue)
  3. Date of performance (where not the same as the invoice date)
  4. Your company's address
  5. Address of the recipient of the service
  6. Your tax number (VAT ID)
  7. Invoice amount (incl. VAT rate and tax amount)
  8. Description of the delivery or service

The sample invoice on the left was created in bexio.

FAQ: Questions and answers about invoices in bexio

Can't I just create my invoices with Word or Excel?

Of course, you can also create your invoices with Word or Excel. However, the invoice design leaves much to be desired, and creating invoices with Excel or Word is much more time-consuming than with suitable invoicing software. Software helps you to keep track and to automate numerous work steps: for example, you can link your e-banking with bexio to save time on reconciling invoices. Mandatory information is automatically added to your invoice, and the VAT is calculated correctly – this not only saves you time and stress, but also minimises the rate of any errors.

Does bexio offer an invoice template in Word or Excel format?

If you do not want to create your first invoice with software, despite all the advantages, you can use our free invoice template. Please note that you yourself are responsible for ensuring the data on your invoice in correct – among other things, the amounts must be calculated correctly and the invoice number must be freshly adapted each time.

What are the advantages of using invoice software?

Accounting software like bexio will help you with your invoicing. The main advantages include:

  • Customer data can be stored once and then inserted into invoices in a single click.
  • The tax, net and gross amounts are calculated correctly.
  • Thanks to payment reconciliation with e-banking, you can see at a glance whether the invoice amount has been paid in full.
  • Not only invoices but also quotes and credit notes, for example, can be created easily and quickly.
  • And much more
Does bexio support QR invoices?

Yes. The QR payment section, including the code, is generated fully automatically in bexio. Learn more about QR invoices.

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