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Expense management – process your expenses and receipts in an orderly fashion

With bexio purchases, you can take care of everything relating to expenses, purchases and receipts easily and simply.

Your benefits


Enter, post and pay invoices and expenses with complete ease.


Thanks to the clearly laid out purchase area, you always have everything in view.


With our "bexioGo" app, you can scan receipts even when on the go.


Finally, a handle on all expenses – for a professionally managed business.

How expense management works with bexio

Goodbye paper chaos: with our expense management system, you can process your expenses and receipts in an orderly fashion. This is essential for a successful business. With bexio, you can do this both easily and professionally at the same time. Discover the practical and useful features that will make your daily work easier.

Simple receipt management

With bexio, you have a clear and easy grip on the management of your expenses.

  • Say goodbye to document chaos and unruly paperwork.
  • With our "bexioGo" app, you can scan receipts and upload them to bexio with just a click – so no more receipts get lost!
  • QR-bills are read automatically – create supplier invoices directly from them, with the correct content.

Flexible and able to be used anywhere

Even during customer appointments or on the train – no matter where you are on the road, bexio supports you regardless of your location.

  • Scan receipts at any time, even when on the go – our "bexioGo" app makes this possible.
  • bexio automatically enters supplier invoices with the right content from scanned QR-bills.

A professional overview

Always have an eye on all your expenses.

  • Thanks to the clear dashboard, you get a general overview immediately after logging in.
  • At the contact level, you can see all existing claims of your suppliers.
  • Filter supplier invoices by supplier, due date, posting account and much more.

Your accounting and banking finally in orde

Never put up with confusing processes again – finally, accounting and banking go hand in hand.

  • Enter orders for products as well as associated supplier invoices and receipts.
  • Enter, post and pay supplier invoices and expenses in just a few steps.
  • Select the correct posting account, set the due date, and assign scanned documents.
  • Payment orders to suppliers will be sent to your e-banking system.

Ausgaben einfach erfassen

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FAQ – Questions and answers about expense management

What is meant by expense management?

With the help of expense management, companies can manage all their expenditures, such as purchases, but also business expenses and other costs. In the end, it is about reducing expenses, identifying potential areas for savings that have previously not been taken advantage of, and optimising procurement processes so that time and money can be saved long term.

Efficient expense management allows you to achieve greater efficiency by automating manual, error-prone processes. You can also minimise procurement costs and delivery risks thanks to the precise recording and knowledge of all purchases, suppliers and prices. What's more, you can become more productive by freeing up time and human resources.

What is involved in order processing?

Everything starts with the order entry. It is best to enter all important customer and order data directly before you begin. Order processing normally ends with invoicing, unless the customer makes a complaint, returns the goods, etc.

What is involved in expense management?

Expense management includes all expenses incurred in your business. On the one hand, you need to have a general overview of your business finances. To do this, you need to know where you buy which raw materials and which goods, etc. (e.g., at the best price), and which expenses you can afford according to your budget. What is also important is the issue of invoices and how you account for which expense. The latter requires proper receipt management.

What our customers say

Statement Wood Room GmbH
Matthias König
Wood Room GmbH

I can focus all of my efforts on my work and my clients. bexio helps me stay on top of the administrative side of business.

Statement Januar Designbüro GmbH
Fredy Espejo
Januar Designbüro GmbH

Being a small design agency, time is precious and staying on top of everything is crucial. bexio makes accounting simple and easy to use. That leaves more space for creativity.

Statement Dein Maler
Jörg Schäfer
Dein Maler

I became aware of bexio through colleagues back in 2015. Until it was then used, it was late 2017 to early 2018. I really like the banking function, which was also set up immediately at that time. Furthermore, the layout is very easy and clear. That is very helpful in daily use. The support is also great, as is the price-performance ratio.

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