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bexio, the web-based business software for small companies, will enable you to handle all of your administrative processes with the assistance of an intuitive solution. It automates everything and facilitates all processes- including order processing and accounting, payroll and work time records; customer, product and project management as well as finance. If you connect bexio with the Zapier online platform, you will be able to benefit from additional automation options: Zapier connects bexio to more than 1,000 web applications! Below you will find an overview of just some of the processes that can be automated with bexio and Zapier:

Automatic creation of new contacts

If you have an online store on Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce, you can easily and automatically create contact information for new accounts in the bexio customer management solution. Simply connect bexio to your web store via Zapier and Zapier will - fully automatically - do all the work for you!

No need to retype contact information

bexio allows you to keep and manage all contact information in one central location. Thanks to Zapier you can now also automatically update your contacts in bexio based on a Google sheet, so that you will never again have to retype contact data or import Excel worksheets.

Forgetting receipts is so yesterday!

Do you frequently receive receipts that are attached to e-mails? Zapier eliminates the need to download the attachment only to upload it to bexio; it automatically handles the entire process so that you'll never again miss or forget a receipt.

Automatic filing of invoices

Do you generate a lot of invoices that you want to save in a separate archive? bexio makes it very easy to manage this process. All invoices that have been newly created in bexio can be automatically filed in PDF format in a file management system, such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

I can focus all of my efforts on my work and my clients. bexio helps me stay on top of the administrative side of business. »

Matthias König, Wood Room GmbH

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