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L-GAV Contracts for Hotel & Gastro

Easyplan enables the creation of L-GAV contracts through digitalization and saves managers valuable time. The solution is especially designed for companies with high staff turnover and seasonal employment.

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More about L-GAV Contracts for Hotel & Gastro

Easyplan is a unique digital solution for creating L-GAV contracts for the hospitality and gastronomy industry. Our simple and user-friendly software removes complex paperwork entirely from the HR process.

Get started with Easyplan today:

  1. Invite your employees via email.
  2. The Employees receive a message instructing them to download an application and input the data.
  3. The application guides employees through uploading personal data and ID documents.
  4. Managers fill in the contract details such as position and salary. The process is supported by automated calculation of social security contributions and tax deductions. The app completes the process with the company data.
  5. Once all the data are in place, the manager digitally signs the contract, maintaining a comprehensive overview of all contracts simultaneously.
  6. Employees digitally sign the contracts within their application.

Initial Settings:

Company details (name, address, etc.) are set up in the system at the onboarding stage.

Integration with bexio:

Facilitate seamless transfer of contract details to bexio with a simple button click.

Advantages of the Application:

  • Accelerated Contract Creation: Employee data are provided by the employee, and general company information is retrieved from the settings, and the app processes calculations.
  • Efficiency for Recurring Contracts: the existing data can be reused, ensuring a streamlined process by the next employment.
  • Employee Guidance: the app guides the employees through the entire process, minimizing the manager’s effort.
  • Eco-friendly process: clean and environmentally sound technology removes entirely paper consumption from the process.
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CHF 30.– /contract
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