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Zapier allows you to instantly connect bexio with 1,500+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

More about Zapier

Use Zapier to automate your business processes

Zapier allows you to automate your workflow. Using Zapier, you can connect bexio to web apps such as Gmail, Slack, Dropbox, Google Contacts and Shopify allowing these apps to "talk" to each other and execute defined tasks automatically.

Setting up a Zap takes minutes and requires no coding or developer knowledge. With 1500+ web apps to choose from you can save hours of work by automating repetitive tasks.

Zapier + bexio

Using Zapier with bexio you can quickly create simple workflows such as:

  • Add new customers from your online shop to bexio contacts
  • Send receipts from your email inbox to bexio
  • Backup bexio invoices to Google Drive
  • Update contacts in bexio using Google Sheets

And much more! Get started by clicking on the Add App button, this will lead you to the Zapier website where you can start creating your first Zaps!

Need help getting started? Our Zapier expert can help you setup your first Zaps.

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05. Mar 2019