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With Work2Report time recording and evaluating becomes quick, easy and precise. Work2Report upgrades bexio with comprehensive time sheet reports and PDF export. Thanks to a responsive design, Work2Report is also easy to use on a smartphone.

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Work time evaluation has never been easier

Work2Report upgrades bexio with comprehensive time sheet reports. Working hours are recorded in bexio. Workloads, holidays and vacations are entered in Work2Report. At all times employees receive an exact overview of work time balance and vacation credits. The PDF reports offer the personnel accounting all important data at a glimpse. Thanks to a responsive design, Work2Report is also easy to use on a smartphone.

Working hours under control

Public holidays are entered locally for the whole company. For each employee employment periods, daily working hours, amount of vacation weeks, expected workload as well as work time credits are noted in Work2Reports.

Employees receive work time balances according to the current day, week, month or employment period at a glance, displayed neatly with fitting charts.

Additionally, a pie chart shows how recorded working hours spread between internal and external projects as well as how high the amount of billable hours is.

The month overview shows the recorded hours per day.

The current status of the time sheet report can be exported as a PDF at all times. Employees or human rescources are able to gather a quick overview and receive a document for filing.


  • Work time balances are retrievable at all times
  • Vacation credits are retrievable at all times
  • One-time recording of working hours in bexio
  • Different workloads and individually adjustable time periods


Work2Report asks for a «Pro» or «Pro+» bexio package.

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Bellevue 7K GmbH,
Werkstrasse 2,
7000 Chur
Available languages
DE / EN / FR
18. Aug 2020

Prices Free Trial available

CHF 5.– /user/month
  • Up to 3rd user
CHF 2.50 /user/month
  • From 4th user
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