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Replace inconvenient Excel lists: VisualNumbers is a tool for budgeting and business planning. Employees, partners and accountants can be integrated into the process. The scenario planner can be used to plan and control the future.

More about VisualNumbers

Using the right tools is a central part of being able to work efficiently. In the area of budget planning, Excel is used extremely frequently today. Of course, Excel offers a lot of possibilities, but on the other hand, Excel also has its limitations, especially in terms of usability. In addition, we have noticed that a lot of know-how of individual persons is integrated in these Excel templates, which can always become a big problem when persons leave the respective company. With VisualNumbers we provide a tool that on the one hand simplifies budgeting as a whole and on the other hand simplifies the process. All in all, much more transparency is created and time and resources can be saved.


  • Intuitive, simple and process-supporting
  • Based on your existing accounting plans
  • In collaboration with your employees
  • Transparent and fast

Plan possible scenarios

  • Map your own business development
  • Show the financial impact
  • Be prepared for changes
  • Compare alternatives transparently
  • Make decisions based on facts

Make decisions based on facts

  • Outline possible courses of action
  • Make decisions based on facts
  • Create a common understanding
  • Control your company strategically and operationally

Collaborate in your team and with partners

  • Manage access for stakeholders
  • Uncomplicated communication with messaging funcion
  • Feedback and comments directly within the app
  • Reduce efforts for coordination
  • Increase efficiency and comfort in the budgeting process
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Länggasse 3,
6208 Oberkirch
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23. Nov 2021


Free of charge
  • 1 client
  • 1 user
  • 1 active budget
  • 0 scenarios
  • Budgeting
  • Import accounts plan from bexio
  • Import accounts plan from Excel
  • Dashboard
  • Budget export in Excel
CHF 10.– /month
  • 1 client
  • 1 user
  • 3 active budgets
  • 0 scenarios
  • Everything from Start
  • Target/actual comparison with bexio
  • Import of individual comparative figures
CHF 45.– /month
  • 1 client
  • 3 users
  • 5 active budgets
  • 5 scenarios
  • Everything from Entry
  • User/rights management
  • Budget collaboration (multi-user)
  • Scenario Builder
  • Account release with authorisation
CHF 75.– /month
  • 3 clients
  • 99+ users
  • 99+ active budgets
  • 99+ scenarios
  • Everything from Professional
  • Key figures Builder (Q4 22)*
  • Visual Builder (Q4 22)*
* = Planned features 2022

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