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The software for shift operations. Thanks to automatic availability queries, intuitive shift planning, integrated time recording and working time control, you double your efficiency in personnel management.

from CHF 0.09 / tracked hour

More about Squadra

More about Squadra – the app for shift operations

Squadra digitises and automates the manual and time-consuming tasks of planning and managing employees in shift operations. Lean and logically structured processes and efficiently deployed employees are key to a successful team. Squadra helps you double the efficiency of employee planning and management.

How the Squadra process works

Thanks to its structured and holistic approach, Squadra frees you from keeping manual lists, tedious requests for availability, manually creating and sending schedules, manually checking and transferring timesheets.

With Squadra, employees are at the centre:

  1. During onboarding, new employees fill out the digital master sheet, with the fields you define, directly in the mobile app
  2. Before the scheduling process begins, Squadra asks employees to enter their availabilities and desired workload
  3. The team leader:in creates the shift schedule in the web app and publishes it directly to the employees' mobile app
  4. In scheduled or unscheduled shifts, the employee clocks in and out either in the smartphone app or the time tracking app on a tablet
  5. As soon as a shift has been worked, it is visible to the manager with the effective costs and can be visualised
  6. After the end of the month, employees can see all assignments and any corrections directly in the smartphone app. The manager can export the hours worked directly to the fiduciaries bexio inbox

What are the advantages of Squadra

  1. Up to two days less work per manager per month
  2. No more unnecessary manual transfers, excel files, printouts and emails
  3. All relevant information is live and available to everyone at all times
  4. Only one system for employee data thanks to direct access for HR and accounting
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CHF 0.09 / tracked hour
  • Alternative billing: CHF 4.95 / user and month
  • Clear shift and assignment planner
  • Time recording via app or tablet station
  • Working time control
  • Digital employee dossier
CHF 0.19 / tracked hour
  • Alternative billing: CHF 7.95 / user and month
  • Basic functions
  • Query availabilities
  • Team messenger
  • Push messages
  • Legal checks
CHF 0.29 / tracked hour
  • Alternative billing: CHF 11.95 / user and month
  • Standard functions
  • Swap shifts
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Analytics