Shopware interface

Our interface automatically transfers your orders from Shopware to bexio. You decide which additional data should be transferred. Many customer-specific settings possible!

from CHF 490.– one-time

More about Shopware interface

With our Shopware interface you can automatically transfer all orders from Shopware to bexio. You can determine whether the interface should create an order or an invoice.

The interface offers the following options:

Transmitting new orders to bexio

You can choose whether an order or an invoice should be created in bexio. For an invoice you can choose whether it should remain in the draft or be marked as «Open».

The interface can also only import orders that have a certain status in Shopware.

Posting of payments

If you wish, the interface can also post payments in bexio. You specify to which bank and to which accounts the entry is to be made.

If you enter payments in bexio manually, the interface returns the payment status to Shopware on request.

Transfer of customer data

The creation of a customer in bexio happens automatically when an order is transferred. If you wish, you can also transfer customers who have not yet placed an order.

Transfer of article data

The transfer of article data also takes place automatically when an order is entered by the interface. And here also, you can decide whether all articles are to be transferred or only those that have been ordered.

For new articles, stock levels can also be transferred if desired. Furthermore there is the possibility to deliver stock back to Shopware.

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13. Oct 2020


CHF 490.– one-time
  • Advice
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Tests together with customer
  • Activation

The ongoing monthly costs are based on the number of transactions and are listed at No surprises on the cost side.

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