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Sumup and PepperShop checkout solution

Sumup card terminal and PepperShop POS system in one package: the intuitive and flexible all-in-one POS solution. Quickly installed and ready for immediate use. With special conditions for bexio customers. Selling is that easy!

from CHF 39.– /month (instead of CHF 48.– /month)*

More about Sumup and PepperShop checkout solution

Sumup, bexio and PepperShop have teamed up to offer this unique all-in-one POS solution: Easily sell in-store or on the go with the PepperShop POS system, securely accept cashless payments with the fully-integrated Sumup Solo card terminal and receive all data automatically in your bexio ERP. Opt for this uncomplicated all-in-one solution and save time and money.

More about PepperShop POS

With the web-based POS solution from PepperShop POS, you can sell conveniently and with little investment in your shop or on the move. Whether on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop - PepperShop POS can be used on several internet-enabled devices at the same time and impresses with its intuitive operation. Thanks to its modular structure, PepperShop POS can be used in a wide variety of sectors and customised to your needs.

Do you have a very special feature that you would like to have? No problem, because customised solutions are also possible with PepperShop POS.

More about the Sumup Solo

With the Sumup Solo, you can accept cashless transactions securely and conveniently. The card terminal impresses with its compact design, intelligent user interface and no fixed monthly costs. The Sumup can be connected to the PepperShop POS system with just a few clicks. With the Sumup-bexio-PepperShop package, you also benefit from lower transaction fees.

More about the PepperShop-bexio interface

With PepperShop POS, your sales are transferred to bexio in real time and booked correctly and fully automatically. Get started straight away without pre-installation. bexio and PepperShop POS communicate 24/7 in the cloud and are therefore always ready for use. This saves you valuable time and administrative effort, allowing you to concentrate on your day-to-day business.

Special conditions of the Sumup-bexio-PepperShop package

  • PepperShop POS «Starter Subscription»: CHF 39.– instead of CHF 48.– /month*
  • Sumup: 1.19% on all creditcards transaction fees instead of up to 2.5%*

Further reasons in favour of the Sumup bexio PepperShop package

  • Flexible, mobile and intuitive checkout solution that can be customised to your needs
  • Cash register solution, interfaces, operation and agency services from a single source
  • Direct contact for all concerns and fast response times
  • Swiss made software: support and development from Switzerland
  • Option to combine the PepperShop POS system with the PepperShop online shop
  • Compact and mobile payment terminal that can be easily connected to the POS system
  • Option to connect additional checkout hardware to the cash register
  • Transmission of sales to bexio in real time with fully automatic booking
More informations
Glarotech GmbH,
Available languages
DE / EN / FR / IT
07. May 2024


CHF 39.– /month (instead of CHF 48.– /month)*

PepperShop POS «Starter Subscription»:

  • with bexio connection
  • with Sumup connection
  • optional additional cash register hardware
1.19% instead of up to 2.5%/transaction* and one-off CHF 99.-
  • Sumup Solo card terminal: one-off CHF 99.–
  • 1.19% on all cards transaction fees instead of up to 2.5%*
* In the first year after purchase and if purchased together as a package until 31.07.2024.

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