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Turn your smartphone or tablet into a mobile payment terminal. With Tap on Mobile, you can process cashless payments easily and quickly via app – without fixed costs or setup fees.

More about Worldline Tap on Mobile

With Worldline Tap on Mobile, you can process cashless payments easily and quickly via app – without fixed costs or setup fees. Register online at Worldline for Tap on Mobile now, download the app to your compatible Android device and get started.

  • Android app
  • Easy and fast acceptance of contactless payments via NFC via your smartphone or tablet
  • Secure, PCI-certified payment solution
  • PIN entry for payments above the contactless limit (CHF 80.–)
  • Digital receipt via email or QR code scan
  • Transaction overview in the app

Your advantages with Tap on Mobile:

  • Easy and secure
    Accept credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Debit Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Debit, V PAY) as well as mobile payment methods.
  • No fixed costs
    No monthly costs or fixed costs, you pay 1.7% per transaction.
  • No additional payment terminal required
    You can link an account to up to 5 devices. The Tap on Mobile app runs on all Android devices with NFC, Google Mobile Services, an active internet connection, and the latest security updates. Further information can be found on the Worldline website.
  • Fast payment
    You will receive your money within 1-2 working days.
More informations
Worldline Schweiz AG / Worldline Suisse SA / Worldline Svizzera SA / Worldline Switzerland Ltd.
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01. Sep 2023


  • 0% (instead of 1,7%) fees until the end of the year, up to a turnover of CHF 5'000.–*

* 0% per transaction for turnover up to CHF 5'000.– until December 31, 2023. Upon reaching a turnover of CHF 5'000.–, or no later than January 1, 2024, a commission rate of 1.7% per transaction will be applied. Promotion period: Online orders between August 31, 2023, and September 28, 2023.

Additional pricing info

  • Maximum fee for transactions with Debit Mastercard and Maestro** (CHF 2.00)
  • Maximum fee for transactions with Visa Debit and V PAY** (CHF 3.50)
  • Minimum fee (CHF 0.10.– per transaction)
  • Surcharge commercial cards and non-domestic transactions
Applies to transactions with international commercial cards and to transactions with cards issued outside of Switzerland (1.3%)
  • Processing of chargebacks (CHF 30.–)
  • Setup fees (CHF 0.–)

** plus any surcharges

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