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bexio Pipedrive Data Transfer App

Reduce manual work and focus on the tasks that matter by automatically moving contacts and organisations from bexio to Pipedrive or Pipedrive to bexio in one click.

More about bexio Pipedrive Data Transfer App

The bexio Pipedrive Data Transfer App does the following:

  • Bulk import bexio contacts and organisations to Pipedrive or vice versa
  • Contact name, email and phone is transferred
  • Organisation name, email, phone number and address is transferred

With the app you will:

  • Save time by bulk transferring all contact and organisations to Pipedrive or bexio, to ensure you have the same data in both apps

Please note that other contact/organisation fields and custom fields are not transferred. Contacts and organisation links will also not be transferred.

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07. Dec 2021


  • You can download the app free of charge
On request
  • Pipedrive account setup and configuration support
  • Let us help you with your integration and support queries

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