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Pipedrive Connector App

Reduce manual work and focus on the tasks that matter most by automatically moving information from bexio to Pipedrive and Pipedrive to bexio with the bexio Pipedrive Connector app.

More about Pipedrive Connector App

The connector app moves customer information, invoices and revenue from bexio to Pipedrive automatically, as well as customer information from Pipedrive to bexio, to reduce manual work and improve efficiency. You no longer need to sync contacts between the two platforms manually, helping to save you time and improving data quality.

The Bexio Pipedrive Connector app does the following:

  • Automatically creates new contacts and organisations in Pipedrive when a contact is added to bexio and vice versa
  • Automatically update contact names, email, phone number, website and address, in Pipedrive when they are changed in bexio and vice versa
  • Automatically add invoices from bexio as a file to the corresponding contacts in Pipedrive
  • Show gross revenue for individual contacts in Pipedrive

With the app, you will:

  • Automate CRM data: Improve the quality of your Pipedrive data by ensuring the most up to date contact data is available in Pipedrive from bexio and vice versa at all times through automated syncs.
  • Create customer value led communication: Use financial data, such as gross revenue, to drive your communication strategy, and have the opportunity to automate communication workflows. Utilise campaign triggers to reach out to customers who have achieved a certain revenue level
  • Understand lifetime customer value: View the lifetime value of a customer in your CRM through gross revenue, and track the performance of individual sales agents
  • Motivate sales teams: Discover who referred clients with the most revenue to help motivate sales teams
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Prices Free Trial available

CHF 49.– /month
  • Save 25% compared to a monthly subscription
  • Test the app 14 days free of charge
CHF 65.– /month
  • Cancel anytime with 1 month notice
  • Test the app 14 days free of charge
Costs: on request
  • Pipedrive account setup and configuration support
  • Let us help you with your integration and support queries
Test the app 14 days free of charge