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Meisterwerk – For clever resource planning

Optimal organization for plumbing and electrical installation companies. Everything in one place: planning, employees, digital signatures, documentation, time and performance tracking for your success.

More about Meisterwerk App

Achieve even greater efficiency with bexio and the Meisterwerk App in combination.

The Meisterwerk App serves as a digital hub for craft businesses, particularly in the HVAC and electrical installation sectors, facilitating job scheduling, documentation, and communication related to orders and appointments. Through the bexio interface, users can effortlessly import their customer and order data into the Meisterwerk App with a single click, minimizing manual efforts. This data is then accessible to your staff on all devices and is continuously updated in real-time.

How it works with bexio:

Transfer customer data and order confirmations directly from bexio to the Meisterwerk App with a single click. This eliminates the need for redundant data management. Update customer information, create orders from order confirmations, and use bexio as usual, while the Meisterwerk App handles the further planning and organization of your desired orders. You can schedule your employees for the job, track their working hours, and document every step and process related to the order in the Meisterwerk App.

Prerequisites for using bexio:

You need an account with bexio and the Meisterwerk App.

Integration – It's as simple as this:

  1. Log in to your Meisterwerk App account.
  2. Navigate to the Settings > Integrations section.
  3. Click on the bexio button and follow the instructions.
  4. After a successful connection, you can transfer your contacts and order confirmations in the Meisterwerk App.

More than 5,000 craftsmen and craftswomen use the Meisterwerk App daily in their businesses. Trust the market leader in job scheduling!

What's especially beneficial for you as a bexio user

With just one click, you can bring your order information from the offer into the Meisterwerk App for scheduling. This reduces the initial effort when implementing the Meisterwerk App to a minimum. Within 30 minutes, you can have a fully operational job and appointment scheduling system.

What the Meisterwerk App offers you:

  • Reduce time spent on order planning, prevent idle periods, and respond quickly to last-minute changes.
  • Your communication is order-specific. Every message and status update related to the order is traceable even afterward.
  • All information is digitally consolidated in the app, eliminating repetitive inquiries and making information retrieval lightning-fast.
  • Fill out and sign your forms directly on a tablet or smartphone during customer meetings.
  • Your employees also track their working hours on an order basis with a simple start and stop feature.
More informations
MEISTERWERK APP GmbH / Lychener Straße 80 / 10437 Berlin / DE
Available languages
EN / DE / NL / SV
29. Nov 2023

Prices Free Trial available

  • Try all features (Pro and Premium) for 30 days with no obligation.
    Pro Features
  • Pro Features
  • Premium Features
Starting at Euro 10,00 /month / per user*
  • Includes up to 10 users
  • Order management
  • Appointment and job scheduling
  • Custom order and appointment status
  • Photo documentation, chat, and more

*can be canceled monthly

Starting at Euro 16,00 /month / per user*
  • All Pro functions
  • Digital forms and signatures
  • Order-based time recording

*can be canceled monthly

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