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DMS for bexio

Automate your accounts payable process with the help of a document management system and entrust it with legally compliant archiving.

from CHF 49.– /month

More about DMS for bexio

The interface between bexio and our document management system not only provides you with a secure location for your data, it also gives you the opportunity to automate your processes.

What do process optimization and document management systems have in similar?

Both have the same goal: to improve efficiency and productivity in organizations.
Process optimization focuses on the analysis and improvement of workflows, while a DMS improves the handling of documents and information, which is often an integral part of business processes.
The long-term goal of efficiency is the automation of tasks. Process optimization can lead to the automation of repetitive tasks, which can save an organization time and resources. With a DMS, tasks such as the invoicing process can already be automated. With a document workflow, the process from approval to archiving can be set up.
To achieve a complete improvement in the way an organization works, process optimization and a DMS can work synergistically. The use of a DMS can be an integral part of a broader approach to process optimization.

Advantages of a DMS

  • Increased efficiency
  • Time savings
  • Better collaboration
  • Access from anywher
  • Improved data security
  • Compliance adherence
  • Cost reduction
  • Better customer service
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CHF 49.– /month
  • Vendor Interface
CHF 29.– /month
  • Accounts Receivable Interface
CHF 399.– /month
  • Package DocuWare & Vendor Interface

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