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Efficient and modern project time & expense recording and absence management. This minimises errors in the otherwise manual process, and also saves an incredible amount of time – and time is money, as we all know!

from CHF 6.– per user /month

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Time Tracking in Switzerland

Discover Zytrack, the emerging solution in the field of mobile project time tracking in Switzerland! Zytrack offers a multitude of key features, including time tracking, absence management, special days & overtime, expense management, GPS function, as well as direct communication between companies and their employees. With Zytrack, paper receipts and inaccurate manual time tracking are a thing of the past.

Time Tracking:

Employees can efficiently manage their working hours, prioritize tasks, and achieve their goals using Zytrack's time tracking function. Employers gain valuable insights into the work habits of their employees and can identify areas where efficiency and productivity can be increased.

Absence Management:

Zytrack enables employees to conveniently request absences via the app, significantly simplifying the process. Employees can also view their remaining days off, sick days, and other absence entitlements to better plan their time off. Employers can manage all absence requests and approvals centrally in Zytrack, optimizing and making the process more efficient. Zytrack automatically records all absence requests and approvals, providing employers with accurate records for reporting.

Expense Tracking:

Zytrack also offers an expense feature, allowing employees to record expenses and submit them to the employer. This feature facilitates a seamless process for capturing and settling expenses, significantly easing the management of business expenses.

Data Exchange with bexio:

Furthermore, Zytrack enables seamless data exchange with bexio. The following information is automatically transferred:

  • Working hours
  • Projects and project details
  • Contacts
  • Expenses
  • Employees and employee details
  • Activities

This automatic data exchange between Zytrack and bexio greatly facilitates the management and integration of company data.

Features on Request:

  • Chat function
  • Order management
  • Contract management
  • Service plan/deployment plan
  • Interfaces to other systems
  • Invoicing
  • Access control systems (QR-code check-in)
  • Custom adjustments

More informations
Zytrack AG,
Industriestrasse 28,
9100 Herisau,
Available languages
DE / EN / FR / PT / IT / ES / SQ / SR / HR / PL /TR
11. Apr 2023


CHF 6.– per user /month
  • Digital time tracking (via Mobile or Web App)
  • Entry From-To and automatic calculation of hours
  • Creation of internal and client projects including project time tracking
  • Tracker: Start-Stop function
  • Light absence management
  • Predefined reports (Working-Break time)
  • Integrated interface to bexio for working time

Additionally includes:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Guaranteed support response within 48 hours (weekdays)
  • Free introduction
CHF 10.– per user /month
  • Expense tracking (approval and processing)
  • Approval workflow by superiors and clients
  • Management of clients (contact details, project assignment)
  • Individual reports
  • Integrated interface to bexio for working time, master data including backfeed

Additionally includes:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Guaranteed support response within 48 hours (weekdays)
  • Free introduction
CHF 12.– per user /month
  • Creation of automatic backups
  • bexio data backfeed
  • Advanced absence management
  • GPS function

Additionally includes:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Guaranteed support response within 24 hours (weekdays)
  • Free introduction
Individual offer for individual needs and extra functions, such as chat, hierarchy mapping, API's and much more.

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