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WERK8 – Garage Management App

WERK8 helps garages make money by keeping mechanics working productively and undisturbed in their workspace. And of course, WERK8 also makes the office efficient.

More about WERK8 – Garage Management App

Money is made in the workshop, not the office.

To create WERK8, we spent 3 years researching what winners get right in 250 garages on 4 continents. Garages face challenges: labour shortages, rising costs, and funding the investment to re-train for electric vehicles.

Most people think garages are in the business of fixing cars. But that isn’t accurate. The business is renting out the mechanics’ time and skill.

Traditional garage software tries to make the office efficient. But that is not where money is made. It’s made in the workshop.

WERK8 helps garages make money by keeping mechanics working productively and undisturbed in their workspace. And, of course, WERK8 also makes the office efficient.

Features: Scheduling and productivity, Mechanics app, Canned Tasks, Integrated Parts Ordering, Services Marketplace, Customer communications via E-mail and chat, Vehicle database, Customer database, Integrations with parts data and instruction providers, Direct data sync with bexio, Export to accounting packages, Digital quotes and invoices.

What does WERK8 give you?

Make more money

  • Give your team the tools to work undisturbed. Unlock profitability and make your mechanics happier.
  • Use an accurate calendar to plan work. If you know where to find it, you can put spare capacity to work.
  • Give your mechanics access to the information they need to diagnose quickly and accurately - without leaving their workspace.

Win more work

  • Import offers from Webshops. Drag and drop the parts into the job. Calculate automatically. Win more work.
  • Compare Quotes to Invoices every time. Work faster. Eliminate errors. Save time and money.

Pro grade customer comms

  • Impress customers by communicating the way they want you to - and by remembering every conversation.
  • Be the easiest garage for customers to deal with. Work without having to constantly answer the phone.
  • Help customers understand your work. Be paid for your work and expertise. Build trust with happy customers.

Get paid faster

  • Record time accurate and choose whether to invoice the planned time, actual time or a custom amount.
  • Get paid before you have to pay wages and parts invoices. Stay cash flow positive.
  • Always have an up-to-date view of how your business is performing.

Spend less

  • On accountants, Software, Infrastructure, Hardware, compliance with Privacy Regulations, Paper, Ink, Printers and Postage.

Enjoy Work

  • Spend more time doing what you love. And make more money.

How does WERK8 work together with bexio?

WERK8 supports you with all your daily tasks in the garage - bexio takes care of your accounting. While you create your invoices in WERK8, all accounting-relevant data is automatically transferred to bexio in the background. bexio books your invoices on its own - and reconciles them via the banking interface. At a glance you can see which invoices have already been paid or are still open. This way you can keep an overview - and at the same time be prepared when it comes to the annual accounts.

How to connect bexio to WERK8 can be found here: Connect bexio to WERK8

Exclusive Special Offer:

bexio customers have the opportunity to benefit from a special offer in the first year.
How does it work? Simply enter the code WERK40 at the time of purchase to get started.

More informations
Magnetic Labs AG,
Gewerbestrasse 11,
6330 Cham
Available languages
EN / DE / FR / IT / PR / PL / ES
23. Jan 2023

Prices Free Trial available

CHF 899.– in the first year (instead of CHF 1'199.–)
  • bexio customers benefit from a special price in the first year.
  • Simply enter the code WERK40 at the time of purchase to benefit!
  • Fully comprehensive and powerful app with all features.
Free of charge
  • Completion of a short survey (4 minutes on average)
  • Expert analyses on how much more profit you can make
  • You will receive the detailed report by e-mail
  • Start the survey here

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