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The free HR knowledge network provides you with quick and direct answers to the personal HR questions that you come across in your everyday work.

More about HR Cosmos

HR Cosmos is accelerating the path to better, employee-centric HR in Switzerland. HR professionals, legal experts and people interested in HR can exchange information, share their knowledge and support each other in (non-)everyday HR issues. And all for free!

Share knowledge on the question-answer platform

Often, HR teams across very different companies are dealing with the same issues and questions. You can post them anonymously on HR Cosmos and receive quick answers from experts in the community. All questions and answers are always available and accessible.

On HR Cosmos the line between questioner and expert disappears. As a member of the community you can share your experiences by answering questions from others. This creates your individual knowledge profile and thanks to AI you are directly recommended as an expert for specific questions.

In-depth exchange and networking

In addition to the online platform, webinars on various HR topics are held regularly for an in-depth exchange of knowledge. These are run by members of the HR Cosmos community and are open to all.

Several times a year there are community events, such as after-work aperitifs, to enable members to network and exchange ideas personally.

As a member of the HR Cosmos community, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Free access to the largest HR community in Switzerland
  • Fast, high-quality answers to your personal HR questions
  • Information about the latest and future trends in HR
  • Expansion of your network at events, webinars and workshops
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17. Nov 2020



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