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TRESIO’s Cash-Flow forecasting module enables data-driven decisions – in real-time. Updating Excel spreadsheets is now a thing of the past.

More about TRESIO

Put your cash flow planning on auto-pilot

Connecting TRESIO with your bexio account means you are automating your liquidity planning. With just a few clicks, you will gain valuable insights into your future cash flow. Know where your business’ liquidity will be standing in 30 days, three months, one year, and act in a pro-active manner to make the most out of it.

TRESIO’s following features will save you more than five hours per month:

  • Automated liquidity planning: TRESIO imports your actual data from bexio and connects it with your planning-data. Once set up, your forecast will be updating itself with every log-in.
  • Meaningful reports: With TRESIO, you take your reporting to the next level. Be it to the management, the shareholders or your banker.
  • Financial Analysis module: With TRESIO’s detailed analytical features, you become your own CFO. Learn more about your business’ current financial condition and identify potential for optimization.
  • Smart collaboration: Whether for internal coordination with your team or for a more efficient collaboration with your external advisor: you can add additional users anytime and define their authorizations.
  • Multi-currency ready and consolidated view of branches: Foreign currency exchange rates are considered at the daily exchange rate and, depending on your subscription plan, you are able to manage up to 10 companies / virtual branches with your account.

Get started with TRESIO today!

  1. Click on «add application»
  2. Register for TRESIO using your bexio log-in
  3. Connect your TRESIO account with bexio and start planning your cash flow!
More informations
Tresio GmbH,
Badenerstrasse 565b,
8048 Zürich
Available languages
DE / EN / FR
24. Aug 2020

Prices Free Trial available

CHF 25.– /month
  • (monthly payment: CHF 30.– /month)
  • 1 company, 1 user
  • Great for small companies with low complexity
CHF 49.– /month
  • (monthly payment: CHF 59.– /month)
  • Up to 3 companies, 5 user
  • Advanced flexibility on forecasting periods
CHF 99.– /month
  • (monthly payment: CHF 129.– /month)
  • Up to 10 companies, 15 user
  • The perfect solution for larger companies and consultants

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