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rombro – CSV/Excel Import for Bookings in bexio

This app allows for the import of bookings, mid-year adoption of history, coding of bank statements, and monthly accruals in bexio. Efficient accounting made easy!

More about rombro – CSV/Excel Import for Bookings in bexio

Import accounting data more easily than ever before. Whether you're transferring entries from various programs, bank statements, or conducting monthly accruals, we offer functions that make accounting processes more efficient and time-saving.


  • Copy and paste directly from Microsoft Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets into bexio.
  • Journal import from previous accounting programs: Hassle-free import of booking data from other accounting programs, ERP, or CRM systems into bexio, eliminating the need for tedious manual transfers.
  • Download bank statements in Excel format, manipulate them in Excel, and then upload to bexio.
  • Automatically apply the appropriate ESTV monthly average rate for transactions in foreign currencies.
  • Various plausibility checks to prevent incorrect booking imports.


  • Time-saving: Drastically reduce manual accounting effort and optimize workflows.
  • Monthly accruals for monthly reporting: Conduct accurate accruals to generate meaningful monthly reports and maintain a clear overview of your finances.
  • Seamless transfer of the entire journal when switching to bexio.
  • Data integrity: Retain all relevant accounting data, whether importing your history or bank statements.
  • Flexibility: Supports various file formats and enables data import from multiple sources.

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More informations
rombro AG,
8604 Volketswil
Available languages
30. May 2023


  • 20 bookings
  • Full range of functions
  • Support via email
CHF 13.– /month
  • 100 bookings per month
  • One connected bexio account
  • Ideal for small businesses
  • Support via email
CHF 55.– /month
  • 1'000 bookings per month
  • Unlimited connected bexio accounts
  • Ideal for medium-sized businesses or clubs
  • Support via email & chat
CHF 125.– /month
  • 10'000 bookings per month
  • Unlimited connected bexio accounts
  • Ideal for trustees or larger clubs
  • Support via email, phone & chat

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