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Fixed Assets

Automate fixed asset accounting and depreciation for bexio – save time, money and nerves.

More about Accrio – Fixed Assets

Depreciating expensive equipment and machines over several years? – With Fixed Assets from Accrio, it's child's play: enter the machine once and have the depreciation calculated at the end of the year with two clicks and send it to bexio.

For newcomers

  • Simple: Enter fixed assets with intuitive input mask
  • Visual: Graph of of the depreciation curve
  • Efficient: Calculate depreciations with two clicks and send it to bexio
  • Affordable: Packages also available for small companies with less than 12 assets

Test free of charge with all bexio packages

You can test all functions free of charge and without a credit card. Simply create a user account and get started. Compatible with all bexio packages.

Functions in detail

  • Purchase and sale with/without VAT
  • Historic purchase
  • Linear & degressive depreciation
  • Extraordinary depreciation
  • Keep with residual value
  • Rounding of depreciation amounts
  • True-Fair-View
  • Calculate depreciations per month, quarter or year
  • Book depreciations in groups or individually in bexio
  • Manage your fixed assets in groups
  • Duplicate asset positions/groups
  • Fixed asset schedule (overview of your fixed assets)
  • Document storage: store documents directly with the asset.
  • Manage several clients (companies) in one user account
  • Several users can access one client (company)


In Accrio you have access to your chart of accounts, currencies and tax types from bexio. In bexio, you receive bookings for purchases, sales, extraordinary and ordinary depreciations from Accrio.

More informations
indlco gmbh,
Leumiweg 23,
CH-5235 Rüfenach AG
Available languages
DE / EN / FR (beta)
27. Jul 2021

Prices Free Trial available

Free of charge
  • 2 entries per year
  • Full functionality
CHF 4.– /month
  • 12 entries per year
  • Full functionality
  • Technical Support
CHF 11.– /month
  • 36 entries per year
  • Full functionality
  • Technical Support
From CHF 16.– /month

More SME packages with more entries can be found at

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