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deeptrue – Measure Customer Satisfaction

Continuous surveys of your customers provide you with valuable information about how satisfied your customers are with your company's services. You will also learn whether and how you can further improve your services. This will provide you with an important basis for your future success.

More about deeptrue

Is the satisfaction of your customers important to you? Then measure it with deeptrue. Fast and uncomplicated.

With deeptrue, you as a bexio customer can conduct surveys with your customers with minimal effort. Once you have set up your project, everything runs automatically - from the questionnaire and professional data collection to the analysis and presentation of results. You don't have to worry about programming a questionnaire, sending it out or preparing the data. Thanks to its integrated expertise, deeptrue takes care of all that for you. You can easily and quickly set up your projects on the platform yourself. In case you need support, experienced consultants are available via chat.

It works as simple as this

You set up your project within a few minutes. That's it for you. deeptrue sends an email with a survey link two days after sending your invoice to a customer. Immediately after your customer has answered the short questionnaire, you can view the results on deeptrue. Whenever you want, you can see the results on deeptrue. You know immediately how satisfied your customers are with your services and - if you could do a little better.

Not a big burden for your clientele

Each customer receives an invitation to participate in a survey no more than once a month.

How to become even more successful

Knowledge about the needs and wishes of your customers forms the basis for future measures on your part. The results give you a better understanding of your customers. This enables you to anticipate the future behavior of your customers. You then make decisions based on your customers' feedback - not on hunches or gut feelings.

Very easy to set up

You start the app, choose a subscription type and answer a few questions about your company in the instructions. After activating the project, bexio and deeptrue take care of the rest. You can see your customers' feedback on deeptrue in real time.

What should you consider?

  • Then, if you repeatedly send invoices in bexio to existing customers, it makes sense to use this service.
  • If you work with this bexio app, you agree to the exchange of the data required for the survey (email, name) between bexio and deeptrue.

What results can you expect? (Basis: full version of the questionnaire)

Overall satisfaction of your clientele with your services

  • Satisfaction all in all
  • Willingness to recommend your company to others

Satisfaction with partial aspects

  • Furnishing and equipment of business premises
  • Website
  • Design of brochures and documents on products and offers
  • Reliability of the employees
  • Solution search by employees in case of problems
  • Timely delivery / completion
  • Reaction time of the employees to inquiries and requests
  • helpfulness
  • Professional competence of the employees
  • Friendliness of the employees
  • Simplicity of contact
  • Support by employees
  • Employee commitment
  • Information about products / services
  • Communication in general
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Offer
  • Quality of products and services

Identification of events that are considered to be of high impact

  • Positive events
  • Negative events

How do you benefit from deeptrue customer satisfaction survey?

  • Knowledge about how satisfied your customers are with your services.
  • Knowledge about if and what you can still improve.
  • You invest little time - but still receive valuable information.
  • You are completely flexible and can pause or cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.

If you want customizations that are exclusively tailored to your needs? Then contact us by email at [email protected].

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14. Jan 2021


Free of Charge (instead of CHF 29.– /month)

Slim and intuitive starter package

  • 10 interviews per month included*
  • Aggregated results
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Willingness to recommend
CHF 29.– /month (instead of CHF 79.– /month)

The standard package for SMEs

  • 30 interviews per month included*
  • Aggregated results
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Willingness to recommend
  • Satisfaction with partial aspects
CHF 79.– /month (instead of CHF 178.– /month)

Full range of functions

  • 100 interviews per month included*
  • Aggregated results
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Willingness to recommend
  • Satisfaction with partial aspects
  • Likes and dislikes (open-ended)
  • Industry benchmark
  • Results visible on individual level
* Each additional interview CHF 0.00 (instead of CHF 0.90)

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