Cloud based ERP software for small businesses

The ideal ERP software for small businesses in Switzerland: No download; no installation.

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All benefits of the intuitive ERP software program at a glance

bexio offers a simple ERP software that has been tailored specifically to accommodate the needs of startups and SMEs. No time consuming and costly set-up required – ready to go in just a few steps!

ERP for small businesses

Say good-bye to costly and complex ERP software: bexio has been perfectly tailored to the needs of startups and SMEs in Switzerland – without complicated features and easy to use.

Everything you need in one ERP system

Everything you need for your small to medium-size business administration – simple and automated: the system handles everything – from customer to order management to accounting... and so much more.

Web-based ERP software

Keep everything online, always up-to-date and accessible to all of your employees – from every device, at the office, while telecommuting or traveling.

Ready to go in just a few steps

No download, no installation, no complex set-up. Bexio is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and is ready to go in just a few steps.

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With bexio we have found a Swiss business software that relieves our finance management with its automated accounting and at the same time convinces with a top service.

All key functions in a single ERP system

Many ERP providers offer customized ERP systems. The downside: Setting up and maintaining such systems in the long run is time consuming and costly. Consequently, while such ERP systems work well for large corporations, they can quickly become too expensive and too comprehensive for small to medium sized businesses. Hence, bexio is the ideal ERP tool for small entERPrises and startups: bexio consolidates the key functions required by small and medium-sized businesses in an easy to use web based ERP. The advantages: no time consuming and costly set-up; updates and backups are included. Enterprise Resource Planning ready to go in just a few steps.

Keep an eye on your finances at all times

Thanks to bexio, you will always be keenly aware of your company’s financial status. Simply go to your customizable bexio account dashboard to see statistics such as

  • Sales
  • Income and expenses
  • Pending accounts payable (creditors)
  • Pending accounts receivable (debtors)
  • Primary expenses (costs)

Centralized CRM

bexio provides instant access to contact and customer data whenever you need them. You have the option to define any number of categories at your discretion, such as «Suppliers», «Customers», «Partners», «Newsletter Subscribers» or «Christmas Gift Recipients». Hence, you’ll never find data management overwhelming again!

The fact that the central address management function is linked to all key processes is particularly practical. Say good-bye to manual contact data copying and pasting, no matter whether you are generating an invoice or want to link a product to a supplier. Learn more about bexio’s CRM functions.

Projects – ideal for service providers

Whether you are working on a customer project or an in-house assignment – bexio ensures that you always remain in control of your projects. Get an at-a-glance overview of the tasks to complete: you have the option to e.g. filter based on their status («in process», «active» or «archived») and sub-status (e.g. «preparing project»). Generate assignments and allocate them to your staff members. The randomly definable milestones will consistently keep you and your team on track.

The concise tracking of rendered services is particularly important for service providers as it enables them to bill their clientele accordingly. Use bexio to enter the budget for a project and determine the hourly rates of your employees, e.g. per customer, job classification or project. You can subsequently generate the customer’s invoice almost automatically: simply import the hours worked into the invoice in just a few clicks.

Time tracking – the ideal solution for service providers

Add employees in bexio to enable them to conveniently record their work hours online – manually or with the assistance of the integrated stop watch.

Moreover, the time tracking tool is linked to your project management. Hence, it is possible to directly record the work hours for each project and to subsequently import this data into the customer invoice in just a few clicks.

Warehouse management – the ideal solution for manufacturers

Thanks to bexio you will always know your current stock levels, which supplies to reorder and for which orders you have already reserved specific materials. Given that the order management is linked to your warehouse management system, inventory levels are simply and automatically updated. The solution also allows you to quickly and easily handle purchases: Choose the supplier, import the product and send the purchase order in PDF format. The receipt of the goods is instantly recorded and you can pay for them directly in bexio thanks to the e-banking feature. Given that the solution also includes an accounting feature, bookkeeping tasks are completed in no time.

Order management – from quotation to invoice

Purchase orders, quotations, invoices and even payment reminders as well as even collection notices – bexio ensures that you have complete control over your entire order management. The intuitive templates, for instance, allow you to easily compose quotations. Once you’re done, simply generate the respective invoice in just a few clicks based on the quotation.

Given that the solution is linked to your e-banking, bexio also verifies whether your invoices are paid in a timely manner. bexio simply generates cordial payment reminders or collection notices to fully automatically bring the outstanding payments to your customers’ attention.

Double-entry accounting – simple and automated

bexio replaces your accounting software: manage your inbound and outgoing payments and archive your receipts online. Given that in bexio, the bookkeeping solution is linked to all other relevant functions, bexio automatically handles numerous work steps for you. For example, if you generate an invoice in order management, the system automatically posts it. One especially practical feature is that you can link your e-banking to bexio and bexio will automatically reconcile your bank transactions with your bookkeeping. You save time and the process will become completely stress-free since you no longer have to conduct manual checks to determine which invoices have been paid and which have not.

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Mitch und Sheila_MECOS BOARDS

Mitch Müller & Sheila Aguilar



With bexio we have found a Swiss business software that relieves our finance management with its automated accounting and at the same time convinces with a top service.

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