Ubs lp v4

Now your office work gets even easier

Save time and money thanks to the link between UBS e-banking and your bexio account.

Directly connected

The link between UBS e-banking and bexio enables you to make your payments and supervise incoming transactions directly in the software. This way, you stay even more on top of the financial side of business.

Preferred banking partner

As a UBS customer, you enjoy a preferential price with bexio and benefit from a 20% discount on the business software for the first year.

Easy and safe

The connection of UBS e-banking with bexio is very easy and takes only a couple minutes to install. All of the data will be encrypted and transferred (SSL-connection) in accordance with the high security standards of UBS.

  • UBS clients only need to authenticate themselves once. Their e-banking account is then linked to their bexio account
  • Record your vendor invoice directly in bexio and have it cleared in UBS e-banking
  • Reconcile your incoming payments with your unpaid invoices fast and easy
  • More about the teamwork of UBS and bexio
  • Automatic, daily reconciliation of transactions between your UBS account and bexio
  • Thanks to different dashboard graphics, you have an overview of all your bookkeeping and financial data at all time
  • The encryption of the data is treated in accordance to the high security standards of bexio an UBS
  • Learn more about the benefits of the UBS e-banking

UBS Liquidity Cockpit: Liquidity planning? Simple!

The Liquidity Cockpit in the UBS e-banking system gives you an efficient tool for managing the liquidity of your company. Thanks to automatic data reconciliation with bexio you can see the development of your company’s liquidity at a glance at any time. You can optimize your liquidity planning with individual plan values and get timely warnings.

The Liquidity Cockpit combines data from UBS and bexio. Thanks to automatic data reconciliation between UBS e-banking and bexio, you always work with current data – without having to enter it more than once.

Connect your UBS e-banking with bexio and enable the UBS Liquidity Cockpit.